25x Potential Gems: Uniglo (GLO), Nexo (NEXO) And STEPN (GMT)

25x Potential Gems: Uniglo (GLO), Nexo (NEXO) And STEPN (GMT)

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is a soon-to-launch investment DAO. DAOs are decentralized autonomous organizations. Rather than being run by a board of directors, DAOs are run completely by the members of the community — that is the native token holders, in this case, holders of GLO tokens.

Uniglo is on a mission to make diversified investing as simple as humanly possible. All you have to do to own a piece of a diversified portfolio of digital and digitized assets is to buy and hold the GLO token. The plan is to build up a massive treasure trove of crypto, NFTs, and even real-world assets like gold and rare collectibles.

The interesting thing about the GLO treasury is capital goes in but it doesn’t come out. There’s a 5% tax on all GLO purchases that goes into the treasury. And when you sell, another 5% must be left behind in the treasury. Because of this, the treasury is constantly growing. If this app achieves mass adoption, there’s no telling how massive the treasury could get.

Moreover, 2% of all aftermarket sales of GLO are automatically burned. Because of this, the circulating supply is constantly falling while the price gets continued support. A second manual burn mechanism is controlled by community vote. If the price needs a shot in the arm, the community can decide to reduce the supply.

You can get in on the private presale of GLO tokens on the Uniglo.io website. Currently priced at less than two cents, there will be two burns prior to launch that will raise the price again. So the earlier you get in, the better.

The simplicity of Uniglo gives it a shot at being one of the first DeFi tokens to see mass adoption. If that happens, it could easily pull a 25X gain this decade.

Nexo (NEXO) — fast cash crypto loans

Similar to Crypto.com, Nexo is an all-in-one crypto wallet and exchange. Users of the platform can buy cryptocurrencies and also earn interest on them. Users can also take out crypto loans if they need fast access to cash and don’t want to sell their coins. Nexo is already licensed in more than 200 countries and offers more than 300 trading pairs. Nexo’s growth strategy is simple: acquire its competitors and consolidate the crypto lending space. Currently sitting at $0.94, NEXO is expected to more than triple by the end of the year. In the long run, it could return 25X before the decade is over.

STEPN (GMT) — the leading move-to-earn app

Fitness app STEPN tracks people’s workouts, walks, and runs and rewards users with GMT tokens that can be hodled or used to pay for various digital items and app upgrades. Holders can also vote on changes to the platform and even stake their GMT for passive income. STEPN is aiming squarely at the $4 trillion dollar wellness market and thus has the potential for mainstream adoption. GMT has more than doubled in price since mid-June and could provide a 10X to 50X return in the coming years.

Learn more here

Join Presale: https://presale.uniglo.io/register
Website: https://uniglo.io
Telegram: https://t.me/GloFoundation
Discord: https://discord.gg/a38KRnjQvW
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GloFoundation1


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