3 key benefits of using a digital platform to engage customers

3 key benefits of using a digital platform to engage customers

Digital, multi-channel customer engagement platforms are all but not necessary for modern brands thinking about the future. Now is the time to invest to help your customers stay ahead of their competitors.

The way brands approach customer engagement has changed.

With the growing number of “customers for all” requiring a bespoke service with amazing, memorable experiences, your customers need to embrace the rise of communication platforms as a service (CPaaS) to transform their own digital user experience and communication strategy.

But such an approach requires time and effort, requiring always-on customer service that meets the needs of your customers ’customers, wherever they may be.

A digital platform for engaging customers with omni-channel capabilities makes this simple, easy and affordable, and is essential for running effective campaigns in 2022. Read on to find out how.

Deliver a unique experience across all channels

Your customers’ customers rarely, if ever, stick to one option when interacting with brands. Social media, e-mail, regular stores, telephone helplines, even mobile messaging – the list goes on.

Of course, this requires an agile, proactive approach if you want to reach out to them and work with them. But such an approach can be demanding.

A digital platform for engaging customers with omni-channel capabilities gives your customers a place to meet their customers where they are – a unified experience that is transferred from one channel to another.

Such an approach eliminates the need to repeat or start certain processes or conversations anew, delivering consistent brand messages to their clients, wherever they are, in a smooth, cohesive experience. In turn, this helps strengthen your customer’s message, improve their customer relationship, and encourage greater business growth.

Consolidate customer data

Every digital agency knows that modern “buyers of everything” demand agile, flawless brand experience. Each channel should be part of a unique journey, where user needs are met at every stage.

This is achieved through personalized experiences, tailored to their unique situation. Personalization provides an enhanced experience for both your clients and their clients, and it’s something worth the effort.

But such an approach requires collecting and managing a huge amount of data, and digital platforms to engage customers are key to this. These types of platforms allow your customers to consolidate data from a range of sources, from social media and email to their order history. They also provide a unique unique overview of your customers’ customers, so they can provide efficient customer service and identify pathways for potential growth in an agile, flexible way.

Automate customer engagement for ease and simplicity

Providing a smooth, engaging omnichannel user experience is not always easy. Meeting customers during a customer’s trip, relying on unique customer data, and personalizing their experience takes time, effort, and money.

The solution to this lies in automation.

Using a digital platform to engage customers to automate processes and set up smart workflows in multiple steps will allow your customers to deliver a consistent, seamless experience within minutes. Indeed, those agencies that can offer their clients unified communications on a single platform can generate further synergies between their messages, reinforcing the value of their automated strategy.

As a result, their clients receive a coherent, personalized service that pleases “every client”, encouraging engagement in timely, persuasive, relevant and personal communication, while unlocking time and growth for your clients.

Add digital customer engagement to your product portfolio

Want to unlock the power of omnichannel customer engagement for your customers?

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