5 best PPT plugins to take your presentations to the next level

5 best PPT plugins to take your presentations to the next level

A PowerPoint presentation can be just a series of slides. But with concrete PPT plugins, you can turn it into a stunning presentation with beautiful charts and other amazing visuals, or even into immersive e-learning courses. In any case, a good presentation requires hard work. However, plugins allow you to make your slides more engaging and interactive with less time and effort.

Here you will find 5 great PowerPoint plugins that will benefit you in one way or another.

1. iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is an indispensable PPT plugin for those who want to create great learning content without mastering complex software. It allows you to turn PowerPoint presentations into online courses and enhance them with interactive activities.

The tool is integrated directly into PowerPoint. To use its functionalities, you just need to switch to the appropriate tab on the PowerPoint toolbar.

In addition to slide-based courses, the iSpring Suite plugin allows you to create other types of course content:

  • Quizzes and polls. Create interactive quizzes with 14 question templates, from the ubiquitous multiple choice to the fun drag and drop. Make them cheat-proof by randomizing the questions, mixing up the answer options, and setting a time limit for the quiz.
  • Role playing simulations. Create interactive scenarios that mimic real-life situations to help your students develop their communication skills. Simplify the creation process by adding ready-made characters and locations from the iSpring content library.
  • How-to video. Use iSpring’s screen recording and webcam recording capabilities to create training videos and software tutorials. Make them look professional using video editing features: cut out unwanted fragments, slow down and speed up recording, and add intro slides and annotations.
  • E-learning interactions. Present your content in a more engaging way with 14 ready-to-use templates. Easily create interactive catalogs, timelines, FAQs and more.
  • eBooks. Turn your PPT, Word and PDF files into easy-to-read e-books with a page-turning effect in an instant.
  • Longread courses. iSpring Suite comes with an online space where you can collaborate on content with your stakeholders and co-create courses with other authors online. For example, while you are working on the text, your colleague can add pictures or create a quiz.

Price: Starts at $770 per year

2. Power-user

The seller represents Power-user as a productivity add-in for PowerPoint, Word and Excel users. It provides them with a set of tools that help them streamline their work with presentations and reference documents and design good-looking branded products.

5 best PPT plugins to take your presentations to the next level

The plugin provides access to thousands of visual assets: 400 templates, 3,000 vector icons and 100,000 images. The user can also choose from different chart types, 200 editable maps like PPT shapes and smart diagrams.

With Power-user, you can structure your presentation with an agenda. The tool automatically creates and updates content pages. You just need to choose what your agenda will look like from the existing presets.

Another great feature that this plugin comes with is Clean Menu. It is designed to clean your slides of inconsistencies and errors before you share your presentations with other people. Inconsistencies that the tool will detect and fix for you include a mix of multiple fonts, missing slide numbers, confidential information on slide notes, double words and/or blanks, and empty placeholders.

With Power-user, you can also easily manipulate shapes in your slide pack: place shapes symmetrically, equalize the height or width of selected shapes, move them closer or further apart, change positions, stack shapes, and more.

Price: There is a free plan with limited functionality. Paid plans start at 18.75/month.

3. PowerPlugs Ultimate Combo

PowerPlugs Ultimate Combo is a comprehensive suite of multimedia enhancements for PowerPoint specifically designed to take your presentations to the next level – making them more effective in grabbing attention and impressing your audience. It has 21 full multimedia content and effects that enrich the presentation, 4 PowerPlugs and an annual subscription that provides a huge library of ready-to-use PPT templates.

5 best PPT plugins to take your presentations to the next level

The plugins included in the package allow you to choose from thousands of visually stunning charts and diagrams of different types and styles, insert animated and editable 3D character slides to make your presentations even more interesting, and add multiple choice question and answer slides to your slide deck.

Price: 366 dollars

4. SlideHub

SlideHub is a comprehensive PowerPoint platform that allows you to combine ready-made assets with your company’s slides, icons and images directly in PowerPoint. It will give you access to over 3,000 inspirational slides of different categories: graphs, timelines, bullet points, data charts, organizational charts, tables and more. Slides are automatically adjusted to your corporate template and colors. The plugin also includes 100,000 searchable icons in 10 different icon styles and lets you add license-free images from Unsplash directly to PowerPoint.

5 best PPT plugins to take your presentations to the next level

With SlideHub, you don’t have to search multiple sources and websites for slides, images, and icons—they’re all available in one combined experience. The plugin also has analytics features that allow you to track who is using which assets in the company.

Price: Starts at $14 per active user per month with a minimum of three active users.

5. ToolsToo Pro

The ToolsToo Pro plugin was developed to help PowerPoint users make presentations faster and easier. It adds over 115 powerful yet simple productivity tools to the PowerPoint ribbon.

5 best PPT plugins to take your presentations to the next level

There are different types of tools. For example, slide tools include those that can copy agenda slides and show progress within a presentation, paste the clipboard as a new slide and scale it to fit, split text across two slides, display word, character, and paragraph counts, and track slide statistics and estimated duration. There are also 90 tools that unify working with shapes on slides, allowing you to easily change size, spacing, format, font name and rotation.

For maximum productivity, you can combine any combination of tools into custom toolchains and activate the toolchain with one click when needed.

Price: $19.95


Try some of these PowerPoint add-ons the next time you need to work on a presentation. They are a great way to increase your productivity and turn simple slides into stunning content. Find your favorites and install them to make your slides more beautiful and the creation process easier.

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