5 NFT collections with high sales volume for viewing – CryptoMode

5 NFT collections with high sales volume for viewing – CryptoMode

5 NFT collections with high sales volume for viewing – CryptoMode

As cryptocurrency markets remain uneasy, attention is slowly shifting back to non-replaceable tokens. As a result, many lesser-known NFT collections have emerged this week, creating a decent volume of trade. Some of them may be worth looking out for, but always explore for yourself first.

Moonbirds ($ 394 million)

It is unusual to see that the NFT collection generates hundreds of millions of dollars in sales per week. Not even MAYC and BAYC are reaching those numbers these days, and CryptoPunks is lower in the rankings. For Moonbirdsa weekly volume of over $ 394 million confirms the great interest in the project.

The biggest sales in the last 24 hours went for 205 ETH, and the best trader achieved a yield of 6.798%. Very spectacular numbers, although they may look completely different in a week compared to today. PFP NFT collections are still very attractive for quick turnarounds, although there will reportedly be long-term benefits for owners.

MurukamiFlowers Seed ($ 61.2 million)

5 NFT collections with high sales volume for viewing – CryptoMode

The MurukamiFlowers collection is a tribute to Takashi Murakami, a famous artist. Flowers is an art with dots reminiscent of Japanese TV games created in the 70s. The collection has 108 different backgrounds and colors of flowers that make up the field. Each field has 108 pictures of flowers, and there are 108 fields, resulting in a collection that includes 11,664 pictures of flowers.

It’s good to see famous artists research irreplaceable tokens to introduce more people to their artwork. Customers will not be entitled to the actual artwork, but will have a limited license for the corresponding artwork. The collection generated a huge volume and recorded over 2,400 customers in the past week.

Beanz ($ 20.9 million)

Who would have thought that people would pay up to 5 ethers for red beans on a red background because it is one of many NFT collections? Those who invested early in the Beanz NFT collection are noticing strong sales momentum this week. These beans are small species that sprout from the dirt in the garden and serve as an assistant to Azuki. NFT owners will gain access to a private Discord server and will receive more benefits in the coming months.

The Beanz collection was a surprise that the Azuki team released on April 1. Originally supposed to be a joke, the collection is now in the top 5 weekly editions, ahead of the initial Azuki collection. The lower price, however, has been gradually declining, and the number of active wallets is also declining. Despite that, most owners remain a bull signal no matter what.

Azuki ($ 18 million)

The Azuki NFT collection consists of 10,000 avatars that provide access to the garden. The Garden is part of the Internet for artists, builders and Web3 enthusiasts to create a decentralized future. Azure owners were also introduced to Beanz airdrop a few weeks ago, encouraging long-term ownership of NFT.

Moreover, Azuki owners will be entitled to future exclusive discounts, experiences, etc. The collection has been advancing for some time and is still recording a huge Sunday sale. Its lower price also looks stable at almost 25 ETH, and one of the NFTs in the collection sold not so long ago for more than a million dollars.

RTFKT – MNLTH ($ 15.1 million)

When is RTFKT the team is releasing a new NFT collection, people will pay attention. Since the team partnered with Nike, there is a huge interest in what will follow. The new MNLTH collection is shrouded in mystery. The only NFT in this set has 9,200 owners and has Nike and RTKFT labels, but no one knows exactly what they represent.

The collection is the first co-branded Nike and RTFKT creation, available to CloneX and PodX owners. Given Nike’s high interest in Metaverse, this NFT could change the game in the virtual world. It is uncertain when NFT will be introduced or whether this design serves a specific purpose. Nevertheless, the property attracts many eager buyers.

5 NFT collections with high sales volume for viewing – CryptoMode

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