5 reasons why blogs are still a great source of content

5 reasons why blogs are still a great source of content

There are many misconceptions when it comes to blogging. Some people think it’s a dead form of marketing or that it can’t help your business grow, while others give up after one or two posts go viral.

The fact is that blogging is still a very common type of content marketing, right behind video content. Many brands you know and love use blogging in their daily marketing efforts.

In addition to being common, blogs have many benefits that other forms of content marketing cannot replicate. Here are 5 reasons why blogging is still a great way to create content and tips on how to do it create your blog.

Provide value

Blogs are a great way to show your expertise to your clients. Writing about the services or products you offer shows that you really know what you are doing.

This builds credibility and is therefore important for the growth of your business. When clients trust you, that’s how you earn their job.

Whether it’s providing insight into the latest news and industry trends, or consulting that your ideal customer would appreciate, any shared knowledge can do wonders for your business. The main reason why people read blogs is information gathering and research.

Often, just writing a blog post that answers your customers’ questions is a great way to provide valuable content that they really care about.

The CEO of social media is a great example of a blog that is purely informative. The blog focuses on instructions, industry news, and providing resources for readers.

Because of the value it provides to customers, they are seen as experts in their field, which allows the CEO of Social Media to sell a variety of products and courses.

Try writing a short blog post about something you are an expert at. What may seem obvious to you may not be obvious to your readers.

If they come across your post and learn something they never knew and that is helpful to them, they will consider you an authority on the subject. This increases the likelihood that they will contact you for more answers in the future.

Drive Sales

A blog can serve as an essential part of your sales flow. You can include several links within one blog post, which can encourage readers to take action, leading them to the pages you want to visit, such as your own website. From there, they can learn about your services or products, which in turn increases sales.

Another way to increase sales from a blog post is to use a call to action. Use phrases like “click here to find out more”, “buy now” or “book our services” to increase your sales.

Sometimes telling people exactly what you want them to do can have a huge impact on your turnover rate. People like to know exactly what they want from them, and this is a clear and easy way to answer their “what now?” after consuming your content.

One company that is extremely good at using their blog as a sales stream is Home Depot. Their DIY blog is really in line with their motto “help those who work harder to do more”. They have tutorials that teach people how to do all kinds of projects.

Customers can see what materials they need to complete their projects, and then use the link to go directly to the Home Depot website to order exactly what they need.

Setting up a clear and simple sales flow with a blog can help make your next step clear. Try to put yourself in the audience’s shoes and figure out where your content tells them to go next. Once you make a simple process for customers, they will appreciate it and your sales will increase.

Talk to your target audience

Building a community and really getting to know customers is key to the success of any business. Blogs are basically a way to confront your audience. The better you know them, the better you can meet their needs.

Sometimes this can be difficult if you try to talk to too large an audience. Narrowing down your target audience and talking to a certain group of people is one way to make sure your content is exactly what they are looking for.

One blog that has succeeded and is now great is Recover Athletics. They write exclusively about injuries and injury prevention among runners, instead of focusing on all sports or all running topics.

They know exactly what readers want to see and meet their expectations rather than stray from their main topic. People who visit their blog know exactly what they will be able to read and what their needs will be met.

Experimenting is easy and a great way to get started. Try to write about different topics within your business. You can then analyze the reviews and engagement that each blog post has received and find out what your ideal customer is really interested in.

This then allows you to focus your marketing efforts and business as a whole on products and services that will meet the needs of your audience.

Reach new customers

If you want to be discovered online, blogs are the way to go. When people search for a topic in your industry, if you have written a blog about it, you are much more likely to appear in their Search results. This is one of the best ways to use search engine optimization to your advantage.

New customers mean more opportunities to grow your business. This is probably the biggest advantage that blogs can offer you.

Making sure your business is unique and standing out from the competition is helpful so that when they discover you, you give potential customers a reason to stay there.

Hubspot is a company that has great SEO. When they search for almost anything that involves digital marketing, they are among the top few results, and they use hot keywords to stay that way.

Their blog also covers so many different topics, that they are useful to various potential viewers.

Since blogs use so many words, try including keywords in your content. The richer your keyword posts, the more it will fit into the algorithm as exactly what your potential customers are looking for. Keywords also help make your blog easier to scan, because people can search for exactly what they want to know more about.

Strengthen your brand

While many aspects go into creating a strong brand presence, blogging establishes a brand voice as few other forms of content can. By blogging and addressing your audience directly, you are literally creating a voice and a personality for the brand.

Deciding whether a blog will be fun and casual, professional and exclusive or inspiring and powerful can guide you in creating a blog that emphasizes that identity to your clients.

Voice is important because that’s how you build a relationship and reputation with your audience. It can also help your company stand out and stand out from the competition.

While voice is relevant in any content marketing, it is more present than ever in your writing, which is why blog posts are necessary. It’s more about how you say things than what you say exactly.

Tiffany and Co. is an expert at presenting the voice of his brand in his blogs. Their blog What’s New shows that their brand is elegant. Their stories are classy and professional, which helps to deepen the association of the brand with expensive but simple jewelry.

Everything they write exudes this theme and that is why their brand is stronger than ever. A blog can help you develop your voice as you practice writing. Keep your customer personality in mind and talk to that person as you would in real life.

This will help you to stick to the voice of that brand. Writing down what you should and shouldn’t do can help you keep your voice consistent as you write your blog.

Blogging opens the door

These are just some of the reasons why blogging is essential for any business you use in your marketing strategy. Blogging has evolved over the years, and the importance of blogging is only growing. A blog no longer has to look like a book or an article.

You can create something unique for yourself and your company, using the aspects set out in traditional blogging. Take a look at the different ways big brands use blogging and implement them into your content marketing.

Trying out these tips will help you expand your business once you get used to them. What to remember is that practice and experimentation will be needed, and the results will not be instantaneous, but they will be worth it..

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