A new bitcoin mining country officially opens its doors

A new bitcoin mining country officially opens its doors

A new ECOS data center with a capacity of 60 MW has been launched in Armenia. Full government support to the Free Economic Zone provides unique benefits and affordable electricity for mining.

In 2018, the Armenian government entrusted ECOS to create and manage a Free Economic Zone to support the development of high-tech and blockchain industries in the country.

Today, the company maintains more than 250,000 users using cloud mining and hosting services worldwide, and you can become part of the ECOS mining ecosystem! An end-to-end infrastructure has been built on the territory of the data center, which includes a service center, warehouses and regular supply of spare parts, armed guards and a staff of soldiers who are on the territory 24/7.

ECOS data center receives an additional 60 MW of clean, affordable and stable electricity from high-voltage networks, which enables the realization of almost 100% of working current.

The new plot can accommodate more than 20,000 mining devices on an area of ​​2.2 ha, with the potential to expand to an additional 200 MW.

In addition, the optimal temperature of this area makes it possible to eliminate problems with overheating without additional costs – the average annual temperature in Hrazdan is 4.8°C.

Also, we must mention ECOS end-to-end service: The company takes full care and responsibility for the purchase of mining equipment from Bitmain, on behalf of our clients or simply helps the transition from other data centers to ECOS, the company’s employees test, install and maintain the equipment 24/7 and you can watch and control your assets directly from the mobile application.

This is a really good opportunity to earn passive income with ECOS hosting and manage it with two clicks on your smartphone. Your mining earnings are not that easy? Let’s look at all the advantages here.

“We have come a long way from legalizing mining in Armenia to launching our own energy infrastructure that is ready to scale. We want to offer our partners simplicity in everything: from starting your mining business in our data center to daily monitoring of results in the application without leaving your home” — said Ilya Goldberg, managing partner of ECOS. — “Our bundled product is built to serve both institutional and retail clients from anywhere in the world.”

Armenia patronizes the blockchain/mining sector and has allowed the creation of FEZ with unique conditions such as 0% income tax and 0% VAT, 0% import and export duties, 0% property and real estate taxes for the next 25 years, which allows our partners to get the maximum return on capital.

Nowadays, due to the lack of stable and affordable electricity in the world and the legal requirements that are constantly changing, ECOS services are extremely relevant, according to the company.

Crypto winter is coming to an end and now is the best time to start mining. Historically, it is most profitable to invest in cryptocurrencies during such periods. If you haven’t started earning bitcoin mining yet, then get started now with ECOS hosting!

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