A Russian citizen supports Ukraine with the burning sale of NFT passports

A Russian citizen supports Ukraine with the burning sale of NFT passports

A citizen of Russia, Olive Allen, allegedly burned her mother’s passport in an attempt to create awareness and funds for Ukraine. Allen, an artist, has lived in the United States for more than a decade. However, it tends to use the sale from burning passports to support Ukraine.

Speaking last Friday, she introduced herself as a child of the new Russia, stressing that the country remains part of her identity. However, Allen claimed that Russia’s recent actions in Ukraine forced her to separate from the country. She allegedly burned her Russian passport in front of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in New York. The artist, however, claims that the burned passport remained the only copy with her. She plans to sell the recording of the burning at auction as NFT and send the proceeds to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

She further says that Putin’s Russia is not her home. According to her, although the country has huge potential, the government is betraying the people.
Olive Allen started joining the crypto community in 2018, after the big bitcoin race in December 2017.

A Russian citizen claims that her decision to burn her passport was caused by her unwillingness to return to Russia under her current government. She further that her action will make everyone realize that not all Russian civilians support military action against Ukraine.

How the Russian citizen intends to use the burned passport continues

Accordingly, her burning NFT passport is up for auction went live last Friday at the SuperRare Marketplace. He intends to use the proceeds to donate Ether (ETH) directly to Save the Children. The organization has manifested itself as helping children facing human trafficking, early marriages, violence and lack of education around the world.

She reiterated her commitment to transferring funds for humanitarian activities, not the military. Now, Save the Children accepts crypto donations, especially through nonprofit fundraising methods. This becomes available through the Giving Block in BTC and ETH for over 7.5 million children helpless in the crossfire of war. Moreover, Allen discovered that burning her passport makes her repatriation by the Russian government dangerous.

In general, the decision to burn a passport does not mean an automatic renunciation of citizenship. As required by federal law, initiated In 2002, a person living abroad has the right to voluntarily withdraw his Russian citizenship. However, an exception to this provision becomes apparent when a person does not have the citizenship of another country or is likely to be charged in Russia. In addition, someone who has an outstanding obligation to the Russian Federation remains exempt from that right.

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