Acardex starts pre-selling ACX tokens to early customers as the investment platform starts living on Cardan!  »CoinFunda

Acardex starts pre-selling ACX tokens to early customers as the investment platform starts living on Cardan! »CoinFunda

Acardex announces the successful Beta release of the Acardex investment platform on Cardano testnet. Many thanks to our community for their continued support and patience as we worked to move this to the goal. Acardex uses the Cardano ecosystem that allows ADA owners to invest their tokens and be rewarded with Cardano every 5 days. Acardex Labs has used this method to develop a new mechanism in which users can earn ACX tokens without spending their ADA.

Acardex ISPO is on a mission to encourage investors to invest their Cardano tokens and earn $ ACX tokens as a reward, while helping to decentralize the Cardano network. Acardex has also launched a pre-sale of ACX tokens as investors can buy and hold ACX tokens from Acardex token sales page =>

Acardex Staking Platform

Acardex is a Cardano (ADA) project with a clear purpose, which is to develop a decentralized exchange, launch platform and community-led investment platform. Users who deposit and hold Acx tokens will have the right to vote for their favorite projects. The more ACX tokens a user has, the more weight his voice has. The ACX token, the acardex service token, will be used throughout the Acardex ecosystem. Acardex is ready for listing on the Tier One stock exchange in the coming days as soon as the pre-sale of the token is completed.

Cases of ACX token use

investment: When it starts$ ACX token owners can use the investment platform for up to 25% additional return on invested assets. The amount of $ ACX allotted determines the size of the stakes, with security and rewards being paid out after each cycle.

Liquidity mining program: When you hold $ ACX, you can choose to provide liquidity to projects on DEX and receive a percentage of the liquidity fee. A solution similar to an investment.

Payment of platform fees


Staking & Yield Farming

How to invest in Acardex (ACXP) ISPO pool?

  • Using a Daedalus or Yoroi wallet allows ADA owners to delegate their assets to a set of stakes in exchange for investment rewards.
  • Users simply need to delegate to Acardex role sets
  • In return, they will be rewarded with $ Acx tokens based on the amount of ADA invested and the duration of the stakes.

Buy the $ ACX token in advance

The ACX token is an auxiliary token that is central to the Acardex ecosystem. The Acardex team has announced the pre-sale of acx tokens, Investors who would like to obtain some ACX tokens can do so using the pre-sale link =>

About Acardex

Acardex is on a mission to develop an all-in-one Defi ecosystem on the Cardano ecosystem that will include a Launchpad, Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and an investment-free vault where you can earn Acxtokenes without them ever leaving your wallet.

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