Affise launches an affiliate marketing platform

Affise launches an affiliate marketing platform

The affiliate marketing technology provider, Affise, has launched its latest product – Affise Reach – which allows brands to directly organize, implement and measure affiliate marketing campaigns without third-party support.

Brands will benefit from unprecedented control over their results-based marketing campaigns. Using Affise Reach, marketing teams can search a database of trusted partners, which includes everything from advertising on the web, social networks and mobile applications. After choosing the right campaign partners, they can directly foster relationships without the need for an intermediary. Reach also provides state-of-the-art digital tools to achieve complete transparency in each campaign, including multi-channel attribution, advanced analytics and forecasting.

The Reach platform is just the latest software development from Affise, which claimed to have transformed affiliate marketing soon after its founding in 2016. Affise believes its early innovations moved the industry away from paying impressions and clicks to paying only for significant results such as purchases or installations .

We hope that Affise Reach will give brands better control over their affiliate marketing campaigns. They gain full access to analytical and predictive data for informed decision making and can painlessly incorporate affiliate marketing into their customer acquisition process.

Reach is also designed to be extremely easy to use, even for users with no experience in the affiliate marketing industry. With all the features that are clearly explained on the page, no instructions for use are required. Marketing professionals can sign up and launch their first campaign in minutes. Payments are consolidated into a single invoice, automating what could otherwise be a complex process for large brands working with hundreds of partners.

Thanks to Affise’s connections with the affiliate marketing industry around the world, Reach could be ideally suited for brands that conduct affiliate marketing campaigns in Europe, South America, India, China and Japan.

According to Affice CEO Tanja Gripačevska (pictured), the demand for affiliate marketing tools is growing thanks to the rising costs of using other digital marketing channels.

She said: the ice of cost-per-click advertising jumped sharply in 2021. Prices for Facebook, Google and Amazon rose by 63%, 42% and 56% respectively. This reduces ROI and puts pressure on traders to find new channels to exploit. Affiliate marketing is an obvious game.

“So far, many brands have been reluctant to invest heavily in affiliate marketing because it is considered difficult to manage an industry that lacks transparency. Reach solves both of these problems. We give brands unprecedented access and control, as well as the absolute certainty that they only pay for the results they value. ”

As of today, Affise Reach is finishing its closed Beta version. Every brand or partner who wants to join the platform should visit

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