Algorand upgrade adds quantum secure keys, improved smart contracts

Algorand upgrade adds quantum secure keys, improved smart contracts

Algorand, a new generation blockchain application networktoday it announced a major release that will empower the creation of more sophisticated applications, while marking a milestone for interoperability between chains.

Developers are now able to build complex dapps for the Algorand ecosystem with smart calls from contract to contract, and network participants can take their first step towards unreliable cross-chain interoperability with quantum-secure keys for upcoming State Proof technology.

These upgrades follow a $ 20 million incentive program from the Algorand Foundation focused on developer tools and EVM compatibility, putting Algorand at the forefront of blockchain interoperability and post-quantum security, while providing advanced decentralized application features.

“With this latest upgrade, Algorand continues its leadership position when it comes to the continuous delivery of highly sophisticated blockchain technology. We received extremely positive feedback from developers during beta testing and we are excited to be able to bring these improvements to the wider blockchain developer ecosystem. ”
– Paul Riegle, Product Director at Algorand

The basic elements of this release include:

  • Smart contract compatibility with contract-to-contract calls: It enables complex dApps that can communicate efficiently and without trust with other dApps based on smart contracts to expand functionality and usability.
  • Post-quantum secure Falcon keys: These keys will be used in the near future to generate State Proofs, a new blockchain infrastructure that will allow Algorand to be trusted without access in low-power environments such as mobile phones, smartwatches and other blockchains.

These features contribute to Algorand’s already advanced technology, high performance and rich resources for developers. Available to all types of developers, smart contracts on Algorand can be written in Python or Reach.

Because its launchAlgorand has experienced zero downtime, a highly scalable blockchain supporting the creation of DeFi protocols, NFTs, payment solutions, regulated digital assets and more.


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