Analysts State Gnox (GNOX), Harmony (ONE) And Chainlink (LINK) Looking To Be Most Bullish Crypto Of Q3 2022

Analysts State Gnox (GNOX), Harmony (ONE) And Chainlink (LINK) Looking To Be Most Bullish Crypto Of Q3 2022

It’s looking to be a slow summer in crypto land. However, there are a few altcoins that you might want to consider taking a look at before you head out on vacation as analysts are predicting that these three assets couple produce gains of 150% to 200% before the end of Q3. Two of them are heavily oversold stalwarts in the crypto space and the third launches this summer. Let’s have a look.

Harmony (ONE)

Harmony is a layer-2 blockchain that’s compatible with Ethereum. Its mission is to make the creation of Web3 applications simple. The platform even offers developers millions of dollars to build on the network. The blockchain also bridges to BNB Smart Chain (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and other networks. The interesting thing about ONE is that all transaction fees are burned and validators get a set amount each year. The hope is that the burns offset the rewards thus avoiding inflation and making the token attractive as a store of value and long-term investment.

At one point, ONE hit a high of $0.37 but has since fallen to only two cents. The next significant resistance level which could easily be reached this summer would reward anyone who invests at today’s price with a 150% gain by the beginning of Q4.

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) is an oracle network that enables non-blockchain organizations to provide data for Web3 applications, dapps, and DAOs. Chainlink is used to import any kind of real-life data into smart contracts. Chainlink is campatible with all of the major blockchains.

So what makes us think LINK is a good bet? Google recently named Chainlink as an official Cloud Partner. If the largest internet giant thinks LINK is important, then it’s likely going to be around for a long, long time.  If LINK returns to its all-time high of $0.46 you’re looking at a 750% gain. Realistically, however, LINK could reach its next major resistance level this summer posting a 180% gain by October.

Gnox Token (GNOX)

Although Gnox Token is scheduled to launch almost two-thirds of the way through the summer, early investors who take part in the token’s presale are all but guaranteed to see some nice gains from GNOX. This is because all unsold tokens will be burned before launch.

This not only assures a fair launch, but it’s also expected to greatly increase the price of the token before it hits the open market. The earliest investors have already seen gains of 63% on the value of their stacks after two burns. However, you’re not too late to get in on this as there’s one burn left to go.

Although you could sell your GNOX tokens as soon as they hit the open market you might want to think twice about that because GNOX is offering one of the most innovative ways to safely invest in crypto. They call it “yield farming as a service.”

The idea is that all you have to do to invest in a diversified basket of cryptocurrencies is to buy and hold the GNOX token. A portion of the assets is used to invest in passive income opportunities such as staking, lending, and pooling. Profits are kicked back to holders on a monthly basis via a buy-back-and-burn mechanism. And finally, a 1% royalty on all GNOX sales gets airdropped back to holders assuring stacks are constantly increasing.

The deflationary supply combined with the increasing stacks and the simplicity of the strategy all but assures this platform will see mass adoption.

Interested parties can learn more and take part in the presale at the website.

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