Artist Eric J. Taubert Brings “Dreary Immaculate” From Coastal Maine To The NFT Collection – MAINE ART SCENE MAGAZINE

Artist Eric J. Taubert Brings “Dreary Immaculate” From Coastal Maine To The NFT Collection – MAINE ART SCENE MAGAZINE

“There’s more to the NFT world than the Bored Ape Yacht Club.”

The traditional art gallery model that has served plein air painters, mixed media artists and fine art photographers for generations still rules Maine; but change is in the wind.

A newly launched NFT collection at the Foundation titled “Dreary Immaculate: Coastal Maine” by Eric J. Taubertan artist and photographer with deep ties to the Ogunquit art scene, hints at where the future of art is headed.

“I will be the first to admit,” says Taubert, “that there will always be a significant place for a local brick-and-mortar art gallery, especially in Maine. For many people, the physical process of viewing, discovering and purchasing art in a traditional gallery setting is the only experience they are interested in. That’s what they know. Honor is time. That is known.”

“The Ogunquit Art Colony was a powerful influence on my development as an artist,” continues Taubert. “For almost a decade, I lived at the historic Thompson Farm (1750) located just outside of Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine. I am also a jury member-artist Ogunquit Art Association/Barn Gallery – Maine Original Artists Group (founded 1928).”

“Many collectors of my work are based in Maine,” states Taubert. “and many of my fellow artists from the Maine area, are very used to operating within the classical, rigid and formal structure of the art world. Maine tends to be a place where changes are slowly integrated. It’s part of what makes Maine a magical place. It’s also part of what drives me to bring my traditional Maine works to these new formats, to these new platforms, and to the new audiences that have gathered there. I like the contrast between ‘what we’ve always done’ and ‘what the future holds’.”

“We may be in the early days,” says Taubert, “but there is a growing digital movement where artists and collectors of all ages are embracing compelling technological advances that I believe are sure to have an enriching, positive and lasting impact down the road. art is created, appreciated, collected and experienced.”

“NFTs are still a fairly new technology. Some people don’t understand the concept. NFTs are a polarizing topic for them, but there’s no reason for negativity to become part of the conversation. And for those who have only heard of NFT peripherally, it is important to educate them that there is much more to the world of NFT than just the Bored Ape Yacht Club.”

“NFT artworks are digital goods that we can own, display and appreciate for their aesthetic characteristics,” explains Taubert.” It doesn’t end there. With new NFT advancements such as token gating and unlockable content functionality, artists have the resources to add more value (and additional utility) to any NFT they offer for sale by offering the buyer special benefits such as early access to newly released artwork works, additional content related to the artwork, physical copies of the digital artwork, exclusive invitations to a community or event and/or much, much more. Trust me, you will definitely be hearing a lot more about NFT token gating in the next few years.”

“Even now,” states Taubert, “NFT creators and collectors inhabit what is still almost an underground art scene. Most traditional collectors and artists have yet to venture into the NFT market; remains, for now, a space primarily characterized by early users. These first days are quickly coming to an end. Every day there is more and more technology. More progress. More investments. More adoptions. More utility. More value propositions. A more intuitive user interface. It’s exciting to be alive during this era, to witness these changes, to be a small part of these changes.”

“It may take a little longer for collectors of my work to more fully embrace the NFT and digital art spaces,” says Taubert, “but I plan to continue offering my work there going forward. I plan to find ways to reward all early collectors who follow me there. And maybe I’ll make some new friends along the way.”

About Eric Taubert

Eric Taubert is a contemporary fine art photographer and writer. He is a member of the jury Ogunquit Art Association, Maine’s Original Artists’ Group | Approx. 1928 and associate writer/photographer in Artscope Magazine. To view the “Dreary Immaculate: Coastal Maine” NFT collection visit To see other works by Eric Taubert, visit

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