AstroBirdz Introduces a Reward Mechanism for NFTs

AstroBirdz Introduces a Reward Mechanism for NFTs

How do we create a sustainable and profitable NFT ecosystem? Most blockchain projects have been unable to solve the chicken-and-egg problem of creating a viable marketplace. People are often not incentivized to buy or sell digital assets because they can’t find buyers/sellers on their platform. NFTs are great, but they can be hard to use. The AstroBirdz team has a unique approach that solves these problems and makes it easy for you to get rewarded just by holding Astrobirdz tokens.

By using AstroBirdz token as an incentive mechanism for economic growth, AstroBirdz is pioneering a novel approach to building an active marketplace that will be self-sustainable from day one. As long as there are players in the game (which the AstroBirdz team believes there always will be), this mechanism will keep driving demand for AstroBirdz tokens and thus drive up its value over time. The more valuable your tokens become, the more money you make by holding them.

The blockchain is a powerful technology that has the potential to disrupt and innovate in almost every industry. However, this innovation comes at a cost – the user experience is often clunky, complicated, or non-intuitive. AstroBirdz provides an innovative approach to NFTs which will simplify and revolutionize how users interact with blockchain applications.

What Sets AstroBirdz Apart from the Crowd?

AstroBirdz is a digital token that introduces an incentive mechanism for NFTs. They are building an entire community around these assets. This means there’s no limit to what kind of functionality they could add to this system as time goes on.

There will be a limited supply of Astrobirdz NFTs available for minting. AstroBirdz will have varying levels of rewards depending on their rarity. Some NFTs, for instance, will allow holders to earn token reflections, so owning a rarer AstroBirdz will increase their reflections. Furthermore, users will have the option of feeding their AstroBirdz NFTs with AstroBirdz tokens to increase rewards. Consequently, the NFT will increase in value on the market.

The holders of two unique NFTs will be able to morph them into a single NFT for higher rewards. The tokens that fuel AstroBirdz NFTs will be burned, positively impacting the AstroBirdz chart. Staking creates long-term holding incentives and offers protection against downward selling pressure associated with reward gains. Tokens can be staked for a minimum of 31 days. Withdrawals before 31 days will result in a 20% penalty on the token value.


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