Atlas Vending launches the first NFT vending machine

Atlas Vending launches the first NFT vending machine

ATLAS Vending has launched its latest innovation and the first non-fungible token (NFT) vending machine.

As the first NFT vending machine provider in Malaysia to mark Malaysia Day, the leading vending solution provider took the opportunity to create a platform for 13 local NFT artists to showcase their unique artworks incorporating local art and culture.

To encourage everyone to join in the excitement, 13 prominently branded slots were set up at REXKL, with each slot representing the state of Malaysia and an NFT artist from the state.

These slots will be available from now until December 16th, 2022, and each slot contains a total of 300 rare NFT artworks, 50 of which are rare platinum NFTs that will be distributed randomly.

In celebration of the 59th anniversary of Malaysia Day, each NFT is available for RM59 via cashless payment.

Additionally, those who purchase these NFTs will have a chance to win some exciting prizes from a pool of 59 prizes that will be distributed randomly, including 13 Nintendo Switches and 46 small tickets to limited edition merchandise.

All winners will be announced on December 9 at REXKL during Atlas’ awards ceremony, which will be joined by NFT artists.

Atlas Vending’s Senior Marketing and Sales Manager Kalitasan Sothinathan shared that after their success last year’s Sapot SME campaign launched to help SMEs recover, Atlas now aims to generate economy through arts and culture by creating a platform that will raise Malaysia. artists to make their distinctive works of art more accessible and giving them the recognition they deserve.

“As a vending solutions provider, we are committed to delighting our customers with our creativity and innovation to meet their evolving needs.

“NFTs have grown in popularity in recent years and have completely revolutionized the blockchain sector. So we wanted to bring together all 13 local NFT artists to appreciate their work and bring the attention of Malaysians to NFT,” said Kalitasan.

This initiative also aims to uplift local artists through a profit sharing model where the total sales generated by these NFTs will be shared among all the artists involved in this project.

“Vending machines are usually designed to dispense refreshments. Our initiative is a testimony that we are capable of going beyond the ordinary. Atlas’s flexibility allows everyone to have a pleasant shopping experience as we constantly evolve to meet the unique needs of our customers,” Kalitasan added.

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