Axie Infinity is ranked as the most searched NFT on Google search

Axie Infinity is ranked as the most searched NFT on Google search

Recently, the Design Bundle, a source of design materials and an online marketplace for designers to develop and sell their work, published a ranking of the most popular NFTs. At the top of his list is Axie Infinity.

NFTs are sorted by the number of times each of them is searched on Google in a given month. Axie Infinity was at the top of the search, with 3.86 million searches.

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Axie Infinity: A love potion

Axie Infinity (AXS) is a Play-to-Earn game where players can buy, breed, and monsters in the pit are known as Axies against each other to win cash in a game known as little love potions.

These drinks can then be exchanged for real money. Play to-earn is a business model in which players are rewarded with cryptocurrencies in exchange for playing the game.

Each Axie is an irreplaceable token (NFT), a unique collector’s item that can be bought or sold on third-party platforms.

To start battles, players must have at least three axles, and the cheapest costs about $ 200. In 2020, the most valuable monster was sold for 300 ETH, which at that time was worth over 130,000 dollars.

Sandbox, NBA Prime shot in second, third place

Sandbox (SAND) is listed after Axie Infinity with a search number of 553,000, but is still far from AXS. Sandbox is a digital Metaverse where users can buy land, build and customize their avatars using NFT.

Digital real estate has become one of the most traded NFTs in 2021, with most trading on The Sandbox.

Total crypto market cap at $1.785 trillion in the daily chart | Source:

The NBA Prime Shot is in third place with 477,000 searches. The NBA Prime Shot functions as an NFT market where the most significant moments in the history of the NBA can be collected and traded digitally.

Prime Shot now has more than 520,000 retailers, with a total market value of $ 862 million.

Axie Infinity Down today

Axie Infinity was within the $ 51.92 price limit on Friday and had a price drop of 4.38% over the previous day.

AXS reached a high of $ 55.69 and calculated lows of around $ 50.65 according to Coindex statistics. The original crypto coin of the Axie Infinity game based on blockchain has so far generated revenue of about $ 24.5 million this year.

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The popularity of the Metaverse

The metaverse has evolved from a mere digital concept to technological reality over the past year. While not a new word, it has gained popularity due to brands forming metaverse platforms to expand beyond social media and enter a new digital realm.

Since then, the metaverse – the fusion of the physical world with virtual and augmented reality – has flourished, resulting in breakthroughs “out of the norm” in various economic areas around the world.

With its endless possibilities, the metaverse will provide ample opportunities for businesses of all sizes, boosting major economic sectors such as real estate and other related fields.

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