Beyond the Blue Origin, Singularity Sets Sail From the Earth To Explore the Universe

Beyond the Blue Origin, Singularity Sets Sail From the Earth To Explore the Universe

Recently, news about the Blue Origin company “New Shepard” has gone viral. Blue Origin is a commercial space company focused on private aviation flights owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

At the end of 2022, Blue Origin will carry 6 people on space travel. The starting point of this event is to privatize space exploration and achieve ordinary people’s dream of space navigation. Space is the future territory of mankind. What we see now will become the embodiment of the imagination, but at the same time, not everyone can afford $28 million to travel to space. If we cannot travel physically, we can travel using our imagination.

Singularity—metaverse gaming world based on universe exploration and adventure, with constellations, galaxies, and fleets as the core of the game. There is high playability in the game, so players can command their fleets. Through the gameplay of PVE, daily missions, plot missions and PVP, we will gradually understand the risks that may arise while exploring the universe. It takes special skills and a lot of coordination to drive a battleship. In order to reach the future home of mankind, let’s launch an aircraft that carry humans ’dream for space travel.

No long-term preparation required, no high cost, not life-threatening, and you can reach for the universe, just like the New Shepard of Blue Origin that explored the universe like a paper airplane across the sky and ventured into a small area of the universe; Singularity is more like a kind of ideological popularization, billions of people on this blue planet will know how vast the universe is, and everyone will be instilled with a mindset of exploration, perhaps dozens of hundreds of years later, we can really travel the universe.

Singularity recently announced that its native token SGLY will be launched on the 27th. In other words, if Singularity successfully opens up the possibility of universalization of space and aviation in the future, then SGLY will be the only payment currency for the purchase of space tickets. It is the biggest incentive for us to create the Singularity ecosystem, and it is our ultimate goal for game participation. Let our game efforts actualize, SGLY will redeem the value of our dreams, and players will be able to make money while playing.

If you can’t join in the fun organized by Blue Origin, then you must not miss Singularity. There is always a big universe waiting for you to explore, be it physically or mentally.


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