BitMart Elite NFT Membership Program Launching

BitMart Elite NFT Membership Program Launching

Jersey City, NJ, July 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

BitMart is excited to announce an innovation for the NFT and Web3 space: the industry’s first tokenized monthly membership program. BitMart will issue NFTs to users which, when held in a BitMart wallet, will give users access to unique benefits in many BitMart products.

Unlike many NFTs, which are simply digital art, this NFT presents proof of membership, offers elite status for BitMart users that comes with exclusive member benefits. BitMart will be the first cryptocurrency exchange to launch a program like this using the Web3 utility, making this an exciting and celebratory event.

Owners of this exclusive NFT will receive benefits far beyond what standard users expect. In addition to having a unique NFT for safekeeping, sale or transfer, the owners will from 15.8.2022. until 15.9.2022. receive the following benefits:

  • Exclusive 3D Elite Membership NFT: Members can trade these NFTs on the BitMart NFT Marketplace
  • Fee for VIP spot trade: One Month Spot Trading Fee Discount Rate (Maker: -0.01% Taker: 0.01%)
  • VIP Margin Trade: Zero interest for margin trading for one month
  • Guaranteed Mystery Airdrop: Up to $100 in tokens dropped on 9/1
  • Premium EARN Rewards: BitMart Savings and Investing with increased APY for members
  • Personalized customer service 24/7: Members only

Designed to be a unique and useful tool for BitMars and NFT enthusiasts, the membership program complements each other perfectly BitMart’s booming NFT market while providing users with tremendous value across BitMart’s product suite.

If these benefits sound enticing, you’ll undoubtedly want to join us on this ride. As the program evolves and BitMars ask for more, we will deliver! This VIP experience is just the tip of the iceberg.

In order for current or future BitMars to qualify for this inaugural NFT membership program, they must complete four out of ten tasks during the campaign period 20.07.-8.08.:

  1. Create a new BitMart account and pass KYC level 2
  2. Refer at least 2 friends and have them pass KYC level 2
  3. Buy a minimum of $200 in any single token through the fiat channel
  4. Have $1,000 in spot trading using any single token
  5. Deposit $500 of any token
  6. Subscribe to a minimum of $500 in the one-time Flex Savings program at BitMart
  7. Invest a minimum of $500 on any BitMart investment product
  8. Borrow at least $300 on any margin pair
  9. Trade a minimum of $5,000 on the BitMart futures market in any single token
  10. Make at least one NFT transaction on BitMart’s NFT Marketplace

BitMart is more than excited to be the first in the industry to offer a tokenized rewards program to its users. Over the next few months, BitMart will expand its membership program and provide Elite NFT holders with additional offers.

To participate in the NFT Membership Program, please join here.

Note: This membership is only available for users in North America, South America, Europe and Australia.

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BitMart Elite NFT Membership Program Launching

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