Blockchain educational protocol Proof of Learn reveals multichain game ‘learn to earn’ »CryptoNinjas

Blockchain educational protocol Proof of Learn reveals multichain game ‘learn to earn’ »CryptoNinjas

Proof of Learn, a blockchain-based educational platform, unveiled its first project called Metacrafters, a multichain earning game that teaches users to write smart contracts and build on a chain.

The mission of Proof of Learn is to build a platform that makes high-tech education accessible to people around the world – and to provide employers with transparent access to student skill sets.

At the Proof of Learn, students apply their learned professional skills in practice as they progress. Moreover, it encourages learning by offering students cryptocurrencies and NFT after mastering new skills.

Proof of Learn aims to increase the massive completion rates of open online courses, which studies show range between 5-15%, not only by encouraging completion with economic rewards for learning, but also by providing a strong online community for students.

The Proof of Learn is led by Sheila co-founders Lirio Marcelo, Kevin Yang and Lauren Tornow.

Marcelo founded and was the former CEO and President of – an online care marketplace that serves more than 35 million people in 20 countries and is growing more than 100% over the previous year since its founding in 2006 until the company’s release. 2014, and then sold to IAC in 2020.

Yang is a technology entrepreneur, blockchain programmer and computer science graduate at Stanford, specializing in crypto and mobile applications, who has helped build and scale the leading food delivery application in the Philippines.

Tornow also comes from, where she led marketing and international expansion; She also led marketing at Brainly, an online learning community.

The Proof of Learn targets students living in developing economies in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America – regions with the potential and need for access to Web3 education and employment opportunities.

On the employer side, Proof of Learn will give companies the ability to access real-time information on student credentials, with the goal of transparency and overall meritocracy, improving the efficiency of employment alignment around the world.

The Proof of Learn team shared the Metacrafters teaser trailer on NFTLA, which you can watch below:

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