Blur is releasing Blur Beta, a real-time trading platform for NFT

Blur is releasing Blur Beta, a real-time trading platform for NFT

Blur has announced the release of Blur Beta, a real-time trading platform for irreplaceable tokens (NFT).

In a series of tweets, Blur shared details about the platform. “The monthly trade volume for NFTs has reached billions, but the existing platforms are slow and based on refreshments,” the tweet said.

Currently, the beta waiting list is only by invitation, and everyone who joins the platform will be rewarded, Blur wrote in a tweet.

“Blur Beta access = 5 calls for friends,” he wrote on Twitter.

With the release of Blur Beta, the company claims to be building the best NFT market for professional traders.

It is also added that the company has assembled a team with professionals from MIT, Five Rings, Square and Brex to build the platform.

“Beta allows you to see lists and sales in existing markets in real time. Never refresh again,” reads one tweet from Blura.

One of the features of Blur Beta unlocks a new look at users’ portfolios, allowing them to see their NFTs, active lists and P&L statement.

“When the opportunity arises, you can quickly act by mass entry and deletion directly on Blur,” the company announced on Twitter.

In March, Blur raised $ 11 million in a round of initial funding led by crypto WC firm Paradigm.

According to Blockchain.News, Blur’s NFT market focuses on professional traders. The financing circle was led by the venture capital firm Paradigm. Some of the other participants included companies such as eGirls Capital, 0xMaki and LedgerStatus.

The startup firm said that “the current NFT markets give priority to the retail experience, but ignore the growing needs of professional traders”, in a blog post after the end of the financing cycle.

“Infrastructure has failed to keep up because the monthly trade volume reaches billions, and web2 business models retain space with poorly coordinated incentives. Our mission is to solve these problems and move the NFT space towards the institutional level while increasing decentralization,” the company added.

Many other NFT projects and startups have also raised funds in recent months.

According to another Blockchain.News report, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) creator Yuga Labs said he raised $ 450 million in funding in a round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z).

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