Burberry’s NFT characters give access to his exclusive gaming world

Burberry’s NFT characters give access to his exclusive gaming world

Burberry steps into the metaverse again, this time with his hooves. The luxury publishing house has announced the release of its latest NFT, a playable unicorn character named Minny B inspired by the house’s Animal Kingdom code. The mythical creature has a spiral horn and white wings, the latter of which help the character explore Burberry’s digital world by flying.

Minny B is an extension of Burberry’s collaboration with Mythical Games, which he introduced Blankos Block Party last year. The project connects the world of NFT with games, allowing players to style their NFT characters with branded accessories and connect with other users. Before Minny B, Burberry introduced Sharky Ban avatar inspired by a shark in a similar way decorated with monogram prints of the brand.

Exclusive access – To accommodate its growing list of party characters, Burberry has set up a bespoke social space called “Oasis”. The virtual experience is inspired by the physical events of the TB Summer Monogram held in Saint-Tropez, Korea, Singapore and Ibiza. Owners of Sharky B and Minny B NFTs are welcome to explore the space and connect with each other.


“Metaverse gives us unlimited opportunities to develop imagination and connect with our customers,” Rachel Waller, Burberry’s vice president of Channel Innovation, said in a press release. “Luxury is an industry built on fantasy and expression, so playing in many ways the canvas is perfectly adapted to make these dreams come true.”

Accordingly, the Minny B comes adorned with the brand’s latest TB Summer Monogram print, a mix of orange logos and Burberyy’s iconic check pattern. Within the metaverse, however, users can customize an NFT character that can be played with accessories such as branded boomboxes, TB sliders, and horseshoe necklaces. Players can even give the Minny B a shell-inspired mobile phone, aptly named the “Shellphone”.

Join the party – Burberry’s latest NFT is set to appear on June 22 at 12:00 ET across the brand Web page. The price has yet to be announced for each Minny B, but suppose the character won’t be cheap thanks to Burberry ties. But if you miss out – or rather, you need to save – know that more characters should be arriving at the brand’s party soon.

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