Crypto-Friendly Travel Firm Travala Becomes the First Merchant to Offer Binance Pay as a Payment Method

Crypto-friendly travel website Travala has announced the integration of a brand-new payment application, Binance Pay. With such a move, the travel booking company becomes the first merchant to implement Binance Pay as a payment form after its launch on Feb. 3. Five Cryptos and One Fiat Currency Will Be Offered in the First Stage of Binance Pay Per the announcement, Travala allows its customers to use the new payment application, still in beta mode, to book travel products. They include hotels, homes, flights, among others. With Binance Pay, Travala’s users will have the option to pay straight from their Binance

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Report: Bitcoin Overtakes Gold in the U.S. as the 4th Most Popular Investment Vehicle

Research by Bitflyer released today indicates the growing popularity of the cryptocurrency as an American household investment option. But not in Japan. Stocks Remain the #1 Investment Vehicle Bitflyer, a Japanese crypto exchange, released a research paper that dives into cryptocurrency sentiment and investment trends in the U.S. and compares them to the Japanese market. The most glaring difference between American and Japanese as far cryptocurrency acceptance is indicated through a simple question presented to survey participants: While 76% of Americans view cryptocurrencies positively, 78% of Japanese view cryptocurrencies negatively. The complete opposite pie charts demonstrate how the two markets

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Crypto Firm to Launch Polkadot ETP on Swiss Exchange SIX

21Shares AG, a Zurich-based investment provider, is launching what is being dubbed as the world’s first Polkadot exchange-traded product, or ETP. The DOT ETP will be listed on the Swiss exchange SIX on Thursday, February 4, said the company in a statement on Tuesday. DOT is the native token of the Polkadot network. DOT has since been added to 21Shares’ Crypto Basket ETP (HODL), which tracks five major assets including bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH). Since its addition on Jan. 29, DOT now accounts for 27% of the product behind BTC at 50%. Hany Rashwan, chief executive officer of 21Shares,

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Report: Declining BTC Stablecoin Supply Ratio Suggests Exchanges Are ‘Highly Liquid & Ready to Buy’ Crypto Assets

According to a report by Glassnode, bitcoin’s declining stablecoin supply ratio (SSR) indicates an increased supply of newly minted coins on exchanges. In turn, this increase in supply means exchanges are currently “highly liquid and ready to buy up assets such as bitcoin.” Stablecoin Supply Growth As explained in the report, the SSR is a ratio of the total value of all bitcoins versus stablecoins. This metric “decreases when (either) the price of BTC is low or when more stablecoins are entering circulation.” However, with BTC prices are already high, this leaves the increased stablecoin supply as the only possible

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PRESS RELEASE. Exchange is thrilled to announce the listing of BTCV on the 2nd of February 2021 at 14:00 UTC. BTCV, a cryptocurrency launched back in 2019, claims to have come up with a theft-proof security solution. According to its makers, Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) was developed as the ultimate coin for the crypto enthusiast, hodlers, and traders alike. BTCV will be listed with BTC as a trading pair on Exchange, with more trading pairs being introduced at a later stage. What Is Bitcoin Vault (BTCV)? Since decentralized blockchains are immutable, canceling transactions is not possible. So, if someone

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Wall Street Bets and Gamestop Saga to Be Made Into a Movie

The Wall Street Bets saga, an incredibly ridiculous story about a group of amateur Reddit investors who beat career Wall Street hedge funds at their own game, is to be made into a movie. According to a report by online news site Deadline on Jan. 31, Metro Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) won the rights to produce the film in a bidding war involving major Hollywood movie houses. The movie is to be based on a book proposed by author Ben Mezrich. Mezrich’s previous work, “The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding Of Facebook, a Tale Of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal,” was adapted into

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NFL Player Gets a Myriad of Celebrities to Add the Bitcoin Hashtag to Their Twitter Profiles

Following the day the Tesla founder, Elon Musk, added the Bitcoin hashtag to his Twitter profile, the popular Carolina Panthers offensive tackle, Russell Okung told his social media followers to put the Bitcoin hashtag in their bio. Okung has managed to get hundreds of people to do it, but more recently the NFL player started a decent train of celebrities with very large Twitter follower counts to join the bandwagon too. Russell Okung: ‘Plant the Flag to Declare You’re Ready for the Future’ Last week, Elon Musk put the Bitcoin hashtag in his Twitter bio, and after he did that,

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CEX.IO LOAN Experiences Massive Institutional Demand With Over $100 Million of Loan Requests

PRESS RELEASE. CEX.IO LOAN experiences massive institutional demand for its crypto-backed lending service, with 41% of customers requesting to borrow cash against Bitcoin, 53% against Ethereum, and 6% against DeFi tokens. Crypto-backed lending service CEX.IO LOAN that launched in October 2020 in select global jurisdictions, has been experiencing major demand, receiving over $100 million worth of loan requests to date. While the service has been widely popular among retail investors, most of the platform’s loan requests came from institutional investors. According to CEX.IO LOAN, such an increase in demand can be attributed to the institutionalization of the cryptocurrency industry. Institutional

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XRP Displaces Polkadot Token After Price Soars 100% in 48 Hours: Token Next Pump Target for Satoshistreetbets Traders

In a surge reminiscent of dogecoin’s recent rally, the value of the XRP token soared by more than 100% in just 48 hours. After starting the day at $0.29 on January 30, data shows that the token peaking at just above $0.67. At the time of writing, XRP is trading at around $0.66   As shown on, after this price surge, the market capitalization of XRP went up to almost $28 billion, a figure close to double that of Polkadot. This means XRP has now reclaimed its position for now as the fourth highest-ranked crypto. Similarly, data from

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Top 5 benefits of Forex portals – Blockchain news, opinions, TV and deals

The forex industry will, no doubt, continue to record significant growth in the years to come. With so much potential, it has become a competitive place among Forex brokers around the world. To inspire Forex traders, a very long list of Forex brokers is at your disposal at But the idea of ​​settling all these brokers may not be an easy thing. Since there are many factors to consider, you may struggle to decide where to actually put your hard-earned money. Forex portal Now can help you here. Basically, TopBroker is an all-in-one portal where users can

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