Certified celebrity NFT platform Colexion secures $ 5 million to expand its metaverse »CoinFunda

Certified celebrity NFT platform Colexion secures $ 5 million to expand its metaverse »CoinFunda

Tindi, Estonia, February 3, 2022, Chainwire

Colexion, a proven NFT celebrity platform that provides a number of other services and experiences, has raised over $ 5 million, enabling the team to build the necessary infrastructure by bringing the mainstream into the NFT world.

Collection raises the bar for the wider NFT industry by going beyond what traditional trading platforms offer artists and collectors. The certified NFT celebrity platform also offers access to a personalized virtual museum, a variety of earning games, virtual tournaments and a metaverse.

Colexion has grown into Asia’s largest NFT market, attracting the attention of a variety of investment firms and private supporters. The team raised $ 1.8 million in the first round and $ 3.2 million in the private round. Combined, both rounds have contributed by Polygon, Jump Trading Investments, Alan Howard of Brevan Howard, HyperEdge Capital, C² Ventures, GSR, Oracles Investment Group (OIG), Gains Associate and several other prominent names such as ZBS Capital, ICO Panther, Titan Ventures, Good Games Lab, Maven Capital and more.

Furthermore, the original $ CLXN service token will come to a number of launch platforms, including Redkite, Prostarter, Scaleswap, Firestarter and more. Trading on $ CLXN will take place on some of the best stock exchanges. In addition, the token and original Colexion NFT will trade on the embedded market and multiple Tier A exchanges.

Colexion’s primary focus is on licensing well-known NFTs, while ensuring that they remain accessible to the masses. Celebrities include major Indian movie stars, international cricketers and other world sports and movie stars, with each NFT being unique. Moreover, Colexion has already acquired exclusive rights to several dozen international cricketers, Bollywood, Tollywood, TV stars, various world and Indian sports leagues and other legendary athletes.

In addition, users can experience a virtual museum of legendary celebrities showcasing their life journeys. This museum is an integral part of the Colexion metaverse. Ecosystem users will also enjoy various tournaments, concerts and further expansion into the world of the metaverse where a diverse community can come together to achieve a common goal.

Colexion continues to boost momentum following the recent fall of the Trump NFT Card from 30 international celebrities, making it the biggest NFT drop in this category to date.

About Colexion

A NFT platform for celebrities licensed by Colexion, which will be affordable for the masses to own a piece of their favorite superstars from major Indian and world movie stars, international cricketers and other sports stars where each NFT will be unique to their fandom.

Colexion will work to obtain more exclusive licenses from celebrities around the world to continue adding value to its metaverses and virtual games.

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