Connecting Digital and IRL – CryptoMode

Connecting Digital and IRL – CryptoMode

Connecting Digital and IRL – CryptoMode

Irreplaceable tokens are associated with digital items that cannot be touched, smelled or tasted. However, more and more NFT projects are trying to connect the two worlds. Some companies are more successful, some less successful in their attempts.

About the Society

The secret society odd Fellows is a great NFT company with an extraordinary background. The project includes 10,011 NFTs based on Ethereum.

The Odd Fellow token consists of 160 different hand-drawn specific features, such as facial expressions, hats, clothes, etc. All options were created by Redouane Belhadi. This talented young artist has gained a fan club of more than 28,000 followers from all over the world.

Eleven of the above NFTs were designed by Oschino Vasquez, a famous rapper who has performed with Jay-Z and Kanye West. But this time he performed as an artist and created an exclusively limited edition NFT for The Secret Society of Strange Guys.

Jeremy Dunn is a team leader with a wealth of previous business experience. Behind this man are a number of great projects: Georgia Earle’s BBQ Sauce, and Money Mailer.

Real World Utility

Let’s take a closer look at the Secret Society of odd Fellows, a current project by Jeremy Dunn, a company that has managed to design an outstanding business profile that connects digital and IDPs.

The three team members are incredibly creative. They are focused on the latest NFT and blockchain updates. They want to highlight the Real-World Utility, which connects the digital environment and real life. The Secret Society has introduced a lot of IRL entertainment for Odd Fellows, such as a bottle of drink or a bunch of pancakes that are served in the restaurant for free. The team plans to introduce a number of different real benefits for the community in the future.


The Secret Society of Strange Guys will start a big sale on January 15, 2022 at 5:00 PM EST. The cost of odd Fellow is 0.08 ETH. The team announced that 100% of the royalties will be returned to the community. What a surprise! It should usually be a magnet for potential investors. There seem to be a lot of extra benefits waiting for the owners of Odd Fellow NFT.


The secret society of odd Fellows has been developing rapidly lately because the team is working hard and non-stop on this project. During this process, the Company entered into partnerships with many new companies. The Company’s roadmap shows a short-term plan for further development. Milestones are unlocked when the required percentage of NFT is minted. Additional development opportunities will be negotiated within the community in the near future.

Get the latest updates on Discord and social media with @oddfellowsnft or visit to get more information about the Secret Society of Strange Guys.

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