Conservative ledger bans and cryptocurrency restrictions

Conservative ledger bans and cryptocurrency restrictions

1 The White House is considering a policy to limit cryptocurrencies
A series of new reports warn of its financial risks, particularly those posed by stablecoins. (WP $)
+ It wants to set standards to reduce energy consumption to reduce emissions. (CoinDesk)
+ Elsewhere, the US dollar continues to strengthen. (Economist $)

2 A new X-ray method for detecting explosives could also identify tumors
A deep learning algorithm was able to find explosives hidden in a hair dryer. (MIT Technology Review)

3 How Contraceptive Companies Rule the Post-Roe World
An unstable legal landscape makes it difficult to plan for the future. (BuzzFeed News)
+ The cognitive dissonance of watching the end of Roe unfold online. (MIT Technology Review)

4Meet the teachers who are fighting misinformation
The key is to teach children to think for themselves. (USA $)
+ Google examines how different generations deal with misinformation. (MIT Technology Review)

5 What photon rings can teach us about black holes
Its symmetry could hint at its internal structure. (Quanta)
+ Life in the universe is still extremely difficult. (Atlantic $)

6 People are not ready to live in an oblong city in the desert
That didn’t stop Saudi Arabia from trying to build it anyway. (The Guardian)
+ A smart city is an eternally unrealized utopia. (MIT Technology Review)

7 The electric vehicle revolution is well underway
But scooters and three-wheelers, not cars, lead the way. (The rest of the world)

8 WOOD(3) is the largest number in the universe
The problem is that it is so big that we can barely comprehend it. (New Scientist $)

9 TikTok shines a light on the shadowy world of banking
Its graduates and other young employees cut through the PR spin. (Bloomberg $)

10 iPhones have a cool problem 📱
When everyone has something, is it still desirable? (Atlantic $)
+ Maybe a satellite connection can help? (IEEE Spectrum)

Quote of the day

“Criticizing scams is not mean.” —User Buttcoin, a Reddit community dedicated to mocking Bitcoin and the crypto industry, defends his position to Guardian.

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What if aging is not inevitable, but a curable disease?

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