Cross The Ages is earning $ 12 million in the core round of funding

Cross The Ages is earning $ 12 million in the core round of funding

Inventor a blockchain the game identified as Cross The Ages (CTA) raised $ 12 million to fund the project. This announcement came on Monday after the initial funding cycle. According to Cross The Ages, the funding circle includes some big wigs in the industry. The developer of blockchain games has discovered the redirection of funds to promote his brand.

Additionally, the funds came from software brands such as Ubisoft crypto gaming, Unicorn Animoca Brands. One of the most significant participants is the co-founder of Sandbox and Chief Operating Officer, Sebastian Borget. The Polygon blockchain network on which Cross The Ages developed contributed to the funding. According to a CTA statement, the funds will help boost game development.

It also intends to retain talent and direct its activities to the market. Since its arrival, CTA has gained a social network of more than 380,000 users. According to reportsThe CTA will be available for public use by June, following a review in March.

Cross The Ages Universe is a huge online customizable card game established in the conflict of worlds. It is based on seven myths and novels about scientific illusions of famous authors. According to the report, Cross The Ages consists of 140 team members, including 70 artists who have worked on major projects. Some of these projects include Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

Furthermore, Blockchain gaming is an organization that is still in the development phase. Still, it competes well with other digital card games. According to reports, this fits in with Blizzard’s Hearthstone and Wizard of the Coast’s Magic and Gathering Arena. In a statement, Sami Chlagou, executive director of CTA, said that collectible cards are paper, cardboard and plastic while they represent a physical medium.

Explaining further, the invention of NFT made it feasible to assemble cards in digital form. To maintain the physical version, users must complete a digital form via CTA. However, not all games players they are sure on which technology the free-to-play model is built. According to reports, that is the result of the American acquisition of the game last week.

However, Cross The Ages has found that players ’digital assets become in the form of non-custodial tokens. Tokens are available through in-game platforms. According to the CTA, players are given the opportunity to rent, trade or sell or convert tokens into real cards.

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