DAOLaunch Brings The Ochanomizu Festival Closer To The Blockchain with NFT Tickets

DAOLaunch Brings The Ochanomizu Festival Closer To The Blockchain with NFT Tickets

The Ochanomizu Culture Festival 2022 is a jazz festival that will be held from March 31st to April 30th, 2022. The festival has made creative use of blockchain technology by allowing users to experience the concert through an NFT ticket developed by NFTKEY and DAOLaunch.

Viewers will be able to watch the performance as a video on the Ochanamizu website as the partnership aims to creatively build jazz music’s relationship with blockchain with the hopes of revitalizing the Chiyo-ku town.

The NFT use case provided by DAOLaunch for the concert experience aims to create a platform for artists who want to deliver music and art to the world using NFT ticketing options.

What is the Ochanomizu Jazz Festival?

The Ochanomizu Jazz Festival is a music festival that has been around for 15 years and aims to revitalize the town of Chiyo-ku through music. DAOLaunch officially partnered with the Ochanomizu Jazz Festival last year and parties have been in planning to host a music festival using blockchain technology and NFTs.

Holders of the NFT ticket by NFTKEY Protocol will gain access to the concert from anywhere in the world. DAOLaunch partnered with the Meiji University Blockchain Study Group as part of a social demonstration experiment called ‘JAZZ x NFT.’

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The ticket NFT was designed by NFT artist Veronika (@mellyverdes) who is active in the NFT world. The limited NFT for the festival can be obtained from DAOLaunch’s NFT Farm (DAL Drop). The DAL Drop is a new platform that allows users to receive NFTs by staking $DAL tokens issued by DAOLaunch.

The Ochanomizu Culture Festival 2022

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