DeFi Data Network Unmarshal doubles Solana, signs key advisor »CoinFund

DeFi Data Network Unmarshal doubles Solana, signs key advisor »CoinFund

Bangalore, India, January 17, 2022, Chainwire

since its launch in 2021. Unmarshal has continued to look for ways to improve its ecosystem to provide the best services to existing blockchains. Now, in 2022, the DeFi network has added a key advisor, Brian D. Evans, to strengthen the protocol.

Brian D. Evans is Inc. 500 entrepreneur, Forbes’ top digital marketer, investor and veteran of the blockchain / crypto industry. With his rich experience and connections, Evans, who is also the founder ReBlock Ventures next to Kenn.eth has nearly a million followers his Twitter. Evans and ReBlock will help Unmarshall become dominant in the industry by proposing key initiatives and connecting high-level players.

Speaking about the appointment, Evans said: “They managed to recruit top development talents, I see that this platform works very well. I am excited to open my Rolodex and help them achieve widespread adoption in the industry. ”

Unmarshal is stepping up its query mechanism for applications on Solana

In addition to signing Evans, the multi-chain DeFi data network is strengthening its support for queries for decentralized applications built using the Solana API. The added support will provide real-time secure data for DApps.

The Solana Network was one of the most deployed chains in 2021 due to its incredible throughput, ultra low gas charges and scalability. The chain can process over 50,000 transactions per second, making it faster than all blockchains in the industry. All this is made possible by the consensus mechanisms of the Proof of History and the Proof of Stake network.

The chain hosts over 1000 decentralized applications, including decentralized exchanges, GameFi projects and NFT markets. The trilemma – speed, scalability and security has led to the growth of the blockchain and its original cryptocurrency SOL.

With a chain agnostic solution that improves its API for Solana, DApps can efficiently collect data without generating code. DeFi projects at Solana can work with our experts to form the correct answer and data structure. Network data can also be requested.

The API can execute a wide range of applications

In addition to providing a fast query support system for DApps on Solana, Unmarshal will add Solana to the platform block explorer. The API will take care of various use cases, such as NFT, markets, P2E games and any other application on the Solana network.

This API integration will allow wallets to provide a clearer picture of the token status and transfer history of a given asset and the entire wallet in the Solana chain. In addition, users can receive instant alerts about any transaction that occurs in their wallets.

Integration with Solana will also allow wallets to retrieve hash, status, timestamp transaction details and get details about the assets listed on Solana, including their prices. Finally, the API integration will collect data on the state of the NFT wallet in the chain.

About Unmarshal

Unmarshal is an agnostic chain solution launched in February 2021. It is a DeFi network that provides real-time data for dApps deployed on Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Ethereum, etc. They are taking steps to empower DApps across several Layer2 networks to have access to reliable data on the chain. The DeFi protocol offers practical methods for querying network data from supported chains and contains powerful tools to support DeFi applications on any blockchain.



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