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game play and earn Blockchain – CryptoMode

game play and earn Blockchain – CryptoMode

Unlike most blockchain games, HoneyWood is a play and earn game that works on an independent blockchain. The two most popular casual game mechanics, Match3 and farm building, are used in game development. The game includes PvE and PvP modes.

Game development began in August 2021, becoming the first to play and earn. The project is created using Cosmos and Tendermint technologies, supported by the Interchain Foundation. The investment of Moneta Today – an ecosystem of cross-chains, has enabled development. Owners of Moneta Today coins will be able to exchange them for HoneyWood in the near future.

The game can use various ecosystems that support it to integrate and interact with several applications. The project is in the first phase of its roadmap and beta testing of the game is currently underway. While the game’s release is scheduled for May 13, 2022, the initial offer of games (IGO) should take place sometime in June 2022.

HoneyWood: Game overview

game play and earn Blockchain – CryptoMode

HoneyWood is a play and earn game, open to people of all ages and backgrounds. Players can build their own farms, raise bees and fight others in the 7 × 7 match3 arena. Also, players can actively earn cryptocurrencies while playing and having fun.

The game works on free-to-play mechanics, otherwise it would not be play and earn, but remained in the P2E segment. It consists of PvP and PvE modes. In PvE game mode, players fight bots to improve their playing skills and understanding of game mechanics. This mode of operation is mostly for new players or those who do not have enough coins to play PvP. PvP mode puts players (bears) against each other in a coin fight. The winner takes everything in PvP mode.

Players must deposit coins to play in PvP mode, where they would fight four rounds, making two moves each. Their rank indicates the level of success that the player has achieved. The 7 × 7 game arena is full of different chips that increase the player’s score for stacking them.

The game comes with a game store and a market. The game store is dedicated to trading items in exchange for HoneyCoins. Store-bought items include bees, beehives, trees, decorations and field tiles. There are plans for exclusive items that can only be traded using CONE.

The market allows trading items for games and NFT between players. NFT games include bees, bears and various other things. Each player’s property will be automatically available on the market and in the game store.

After the release, match3 boosters will be added to the game, and the functionality of the farm will be expanded. The lab and the market will emerge with NFT characters endowed with unique gaming properties. In PvE match3 mode, a story and many different rounds will be displayed.

A bearish DAO and voting platform will be created, and the game world will get several planets, which will be the beginning of the metaverse development phase within HoneyWood.

Players can participate in the DAO by investing their CONE. The farm construction mechanics were set up for launch before IGO. The mechanics will allow the bears to buy items from the game on the game’s website, making them the first to generate new HoneyCoins. The bears need a piece of land in the field, a beehive and a bee to engage in agriculture.

HoneyWood is designed on an independent blockchain that runs a consensus model of delegated share proof. This consensus requires players to delegate their coins to check activity on the platform.

HoneyCoin and CONE

HoneyWood has two original coins with distinct advantages for different gaming strategies as well. These coins are not smart contract tokens. It is planned to list them on the top 20 stock exchanges in Q3 and Q4 2022.

HoneyCoin is the main currency of the system and will be used to perform all operations in HoneyWood. It can be used to buy items, expand farm buildings or play match3 with other bears. HoneyCoin is essential for playing in PvP mode.

On the other hand, CONE is a useful coin that can be generated by planting trees. It can be invested to earn passive income. It can also be used to participate in platform management. The bears are awarded CONE when they plant trees in their community.

HoneyWood is built on a blockchain with low fees and high capacity for the best gaming experience. It offers PvP battles, farm mechanics, investment and original NFT.

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