GameFi platform metaENGINE raises $ 4 million in core funding ahead of its v1 release »CryptoNinjas

GameFi platform metaENGINE raises $ 4 million in core funding ahead of its v1 release »CryptoNinjas

metaENGINE, the first such blockchain infrastructure platform for games, today announced the completion of initial funding of $ 4 million. Seed Ound was co-led by Lemniscap and Jump Crypto with Polygon Studios, Blockwall, blufolio, Insignius Capital, Future Fund, CoinDCX Ventures, Efficient Frontier, Maelstrom and other leading WC funds and prominent angels.

The new $ 4 million capital will help further develop the metaENGINE platform ahead of its upcoming v1 release, due out in the third quarter of 2022. Over 25 GameFi projects will join the platform at its launch, and more details will be known in in the coming weeks.

“No other engine combines a publishing platform, MMO networking and blockchain tools – such as the integration of crypto wallets and NFT forging – all within one platform. The interest shown by the main VC blockchain and the wider GameFi developer community serves as an encouraging voice of confidence and hints at our upcoming v1 release. ”
– Alex Shalash, CEO and co-founder of metaENGINE

Ready for v1 release

metaENGINE has built on two decades of experience in the development and implementation of the massive multiplayer online (MMO) engine of HeroEngine games.

This expertise in leading, scalable, and real-time cloud-based development platforms has ensured successful licensing agreements with Electronic Arts to develop Star Wars: The Old Republic, Zenimax to develop The Elder Scrolls Online, and several others. other MMOs. projects.

metaENGINE’s platform provides developers with a complete suite of tools for creating and publishing MMO GameFi projects from scratch, imposing NFTs and migrating games from other locations in the future, and more.

Thanks to metaENGINE’s unique real-time collaboration environment, multiple developers and content creators can develop their games anywhere in the world at the same time.

In addition, the platform will deliver gaming guild analytics and management tools, native multi-blockchain compatibility with Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and others. A multi-chain toolkit with SDKs, wallets, NFT market and transaction layer is being built to be ready for launch.


In particular, metaENGINE addresses one of the most critical but rarely discussed challenges in playing blockchain-based games – interoperability.

Games developed on metaENGINE will have not only multi-chain compatibility, but also multi-game functionality, allowing items to be used in multiple game environments – this is fundamental to creating a truly open metaverse of the gaming experience.

Current blockchain gaming tools are still relatively rudimentary…

Embedding web3 elements such as gaming for profit or NFT requires that games have a significant amount of external infrastructure that is not available on any platform.

Other platforms that want to embrace blockchain features have typically opted to provide blockchain software development kits (SDKs), such as Forte and Enjin, but this still requires additional integration work.

Among the metaENGINE multi-chain integrations is Polygon. The polygon network allows sustainable operations for game developers to mitigate excessive gas charges associated with Ethereum.

“We believe that metaENGINE will make a huge impact on the GameFi space – for both developers and gamers. We are excited to be behind this project, which will significantly speed up interoperability between web3 games. ”
– Ishan Negi, Head of Operations at Polygon Studios

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