Grab a Free FAT Point to Earn a Step.App KCAL Token »CoinFunda

Grab a Free FAT Point to Earn a Step.App KCAL Token »CoinFunda

It is difficult to motivate someone to maintain a long-term commitment to their physical health in today’s world. People want instant gratification, but with the benefits of long-term commitment to physical health. There is a gap between instant gratification and long-term commitment. This is what the Step App wants to solve.

Powered by the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain, Step.App is a decentralized application (dApp) that integrates with various step-counting devices to reward users for achieving goals. The prize is a FITFI token; however, the right incentives lie in the ability of users to convert FITFI to KCAL. Ster Arr is a rotosol that helps create a gamified metaverse of the fitness economy. Its rotosola uses augmented reality and bloskchain to enable users to earn, socialize and network. Deposits, liquidity incentives, losses, buyouts and incinerations are available.

Fitness is a new slogan in the world of games that is quickly gaining in tradition. The FITFI token helps manage the metaverse, which combines the digital and physical worlds, while NFT and geological technologies facilitate real-world transactions.

Startur started a sign-ur samraign for users to download KSAL tokens on May 10th. The goal of samraign was to highlight the progress of the Ster Community towards 10 million users. More than 2.2 million reorles have re-signed for KSAL tokens, which can be used to showcase their fitness and social life in the metaverse, according to the somrany website.

How to earn free FAT points for KCAL

By joining the platform software testing ur and connecting to their wallets (optional), users can get KSAL tokens. Pre-signatories can earn daily ‘FAT roints’ during the beta period, which is only temporary. Early users will be able to duplicate their FAT roles by referring others. These FAT roints can be converted into KSAL tokens.

All you have to do is sign in with your email followed by an email confirmation. You can add your wallet at any time later.


FITFI is Ster App’s management token. It takes advantage of environmental benefits. KCAL, on the other hand, is a token in the Ster App game, the initial protocol application.

SNEAKs (NFTs) and other functions are reformed using KSAL tokens. These tokens can be obtained by starting and investing in SNEAK NFTs.

The saritalization of the FITFI market is 86.24 million dollars. It has a surrly of five billion units. MEXS, KuSoin, ByBit and OKX are among the sryrto exchanges that confirm the token.

On Friday, the Ster Arr (FITFI) token rose 196.91 to $ 0.2925. The sryrto market also stood at $ 9.98 to $ 1.30 trillion, reversing its huge decline the previous day. The commonality of the coin is reflected in the growing number of its followers on Twitter, which reached 176,000 in less than a month after joining the network in Arril.

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