Gringotts Labs rolls out Lending Protocol Zenith after Capricorn Finance becoming a winner

Gringotts Labs rolls out Lending Protocol Zenith after Capricorn Finance becoming a winner

Gringotts Labs, the upstart crypto incubator which just raised $300 million liquidity investment from Ivy Venture, launched a new Lending Protocol Zenith.Finance, aiming to bring a wave of innovation to Cube Chain.

After Capricorn, the inaugural DeFi protocol Gringotts Labs deployed on Cube Chain Testnet, hit it big in DEX sector. Transparently Gringotts Labs is giving more attention to the new blockchain network and accelerating its pace of projects incubation. The launch of Zenith.Finance now confirms the guess.

The Zenith.Finance protocol is now already live on Cube Chain Testnet. According to official introduction, the Zenith protocol features a fast, low-cost, safe and simple-to-use lending platform, allowing every crypto player——from novices to veterans——to earn high-interest yield on their cryptocurrency.

Though the newcomer didn’t compare itself with the “old money” in lending sector like Venus or Compound, with the increasing number of crypto players on Cube Chain Testnet, it’s no wonder that so many people are seeing it as the Venus on Cube Chain.

With rich experience and a good reputation accrued by Capricorn.Finance, probably the most welcomed DEX protocol on Cube Chain, it is like returning home to design and launch a new protocol on Cube Chain for Gringotts Labs, and Zenith.Finance is showcasing its superiorities in many ways.

Shortly after the launch of its Testnet, Cube Chain proved its superiorities as a blockchain network to provide users with a faster and more affordable on-chain activities. This means Zenith users will enjoy better lending services.

  • A higher level of security

Zenith was audited by the prominent blockchain security firm Armors and has a reliable risk control management system. Compared to other lending protocols, Zenith is definitely a better choice for users who give high importance to asset safety.

  • Increasingly expanding Market

Among the mainstream blockchain networks, Cube Chain is not the biggest one but probably the one with the biggest potential. Within short time Cube Chain saw an enormous increase in the number of users and showed an unrivaled growth momentum. As a leading lending protocol of the dark horse network, Zenith will surely surprise the industry.

Zenith Finance could rapidly grow with liquid investment from Gringotts Labs and thereby provide a higher yield APR for farmers.

Zenith takes various measures ranging from simple and clear UI design to indexes like “Health Ratio Change” to ensure that users could enjoy the best experience when borrowing or lending cryptos.

“Fulfill true potential of your assets in billions USD money market”, as the slogan of Zenith.Finance indicates, by providing strong, efficient, and highly-scalable markets, Zenith will largely improve the overall capital-efficiency, activate user activity and release the potential of Cube Chain Ecosystem. The best lending product on Cube Chain? What Zenith.Finance is aiming at is far more that.


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