GumGum is a partner with the Ad Council to support Ukraine

GumGum is a partner with the Ad Council to support Ukraine

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GumGum, a contextual advertising technology company, is working with Ad Council on a new disaster and crisis relief effort that encourages audiences to make financial donations to the Ukrainian Crisis Relief Fund through GlobalGiving.

GumGum supports the Ad Council with GumGum Smile, a program that enrolls clients to donate a portion of every dollar to advertising Ad Council’s social impact initiatives. This program allows campaigns to hit the market quickly, usually within a few days of a disaster or other crisis, when funds are most needed. All donations for this campaign will support humanitarian aid to vulnerable communities in Ukraine and surrounding regions from which Ukrainian refugees have fled.

Phil Schraeder, CEO of GumGum, said: “We stand firmly with the international community in condemning unjust violence and destruction in Ukraine.

“As members of the advertising community and experts in spreading messages that resonate with people, we believe it is our duty to help launch important campaigns, such as the Ad Crisis Aid Fund in Ukraine Ad Awareness Raising campaign and donations to help Ukrainian people. We hope that all advertisers working with GumGum will opt for GumGum Smile and help us support this important goal. ”

GumGum created the GumGum Smile program back in 2020, when there was an urgent need to disseminate important information regarding the COVID-19 security protocols. The program donates a portion of every pound of direct advertising spent with GumGum to donate to create and distribute messages that inspire engagement and action around important public issues. GumGum Smile supported the COVID-19 Advertising Council campaigns, Love Has No Labels and #GetMyFluShot campaigns and provided up to $ 700,000 in media evaluation and growth.

“Our hearts are with everyone whose lives have been unbearably destabilized by the unrest in Ukraine,” said Kathy Kayse, chief media strategy and partnership officer at the Ad Council. “In times of crisis and upheaval, as it is now in Ukraine, the communications industry has the opportunity to increase support in providing humanitarian aid and key resources for others to take action, and we are grateful to our GumGum partners for using their platform for good.”

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