How CB heat pumps achieved sales of 1.5 million pounds in just 72 hours

How CB heat pumps achieved sales of 1.5 million pounds in just 72 hours

In 1999, CB Heating was founded by a very young and talented trained plumber, Clayton Browne.

Clayton saw a future in renewable energy when he worked with thermal solar energy systems more than 20 years ago. As new technologies developed and appeared on the market, he wanted to research and adopt them. Clayton installed its first air source heat pump with underfloor heating system for a beautiful barn conversion back in 2000. Since then, he and his installation teams have installed nearly 1,000 more. CB Heat Pumps is a department of CB heating.


In July 2020, the government launched the Green Homes Grant Scheme (GHG) – allowing homeowners on benefits to seek a new super-efficient hybrid combined boiler.

Gas and plumbing specialists, CB Heat Pumps (CB), wanted to provide / install 300 of their top water heaters in homes in Clacton-on-Sea, Colchester and surrounding areas, through a high-impact Facebook campaign to attract registrations.

The scheme offered a second chance for CBs – homeowners whose installers were unreliable and were not mounted within the agreed deadlines. The government has allowed the homeowner to change the installer and agree on a new installation date.

In addition to contacting homeowners to take advantage of the grant and install a heat pump, the CB also wanted to build their trust to re-register with the CB as its new installer.

CB’s social media marketing brand, Lets Run Social (LRS), had seven days to create and implement the campaign, attract traffic and potential customers, and have CB’s sales team register new customers and book installation dates.


For the first first campaign, CB Heat Pumps wanted to provide / install 300 of its top boiler brands to eligible homeowners for the GGHG scheme located in Clacton-on-Sea, Colchester and surrounding areas.

For the next campaign, the strategy was to target homeowners in the UK who had a greenhouse voucher for the first £ 5,000 or £ 10,000 for insulation but who were not happy with their current installer and wanted to replace it.

After creating the Geos campaign, LRS overlapped the interests of energy efficiency, solar water heating, sustainability, sustainable life, renewable energy, energy conservation, solar panel, water heater, sustainable energy, solar energy, central heating, heat pump, heating system, water heating , solar energy or sustainable products.

The campaigns had to stop the ‘scrolling’ of the user to whom the ad was served via impressions. This meant that LRS had to resonate quickly with a qualified homeowner – which was achieved with pictures of heat pumps and bright colors on the brand. The LRS also had to communicate differently with different demographic categories.

Campaign 1

With a clear incentive for the homeowner to upgrade, the key words included: ‘Government PAID UP TO £ 10,000 to install a new super-efficient heating system’, ‘upgrade without spending a penny’, ‘is your heating flashing?’ It includes a more urgent copy: ‘act now’, ‘run your grant’, ‘be quick’.

  • One campaign
  • Three ads are running dynamically
  • Price = £ 8,628

One Facebook ad was used to drive traffic and allow CB to clearly convey its reliable message. The recommendations also built trust and credibility.

Campaign 2

Engaging greenhouse voucher buyers who wanted to replace installers, including the keywords: ‘Green Home Grant Voucher’, ‘Still haven’t installed your heat pump?’, ‘exchange your voucher for a new approved installer‘,’ request your grant ‘,’ approved installer ‘. An emergency copy is included: ‘act now’, ‘run your grant’, ‘be quick’.

Using these techniques, LRS was convinced that the right qualified homeowner would be attracted by the ad, get involved, click and sign up.

  • One campaign
  • Six ads are running dynamically
  • Price = £ 804

Six Facebook ads were used to interact with homeowners with the voucher, but who wanted to replace it. Like Campaign 1, the LRS has built trust through credible testimonies.

Challenges related to implementation and how they have been overcome:

The carpet was pulled out of the CB in 2021, when it was announced only three days ago that the GHG scheme was coming to an abrupt end. The company had to tell customers it took hours to apply for a fully funded low-carbon heating system to upgrade, replace an existing boiler or completely leak.

That was not the message the team intended, nor a potential blow to the brand’s reputation. In addition, the CB was planning a 12-month campaign that would come to a complete halt – and result in a potential loss of £ 15 million in turnover.

To get an immediate response, the LRS needed to target a specific audience. The plan was to gather as much data as possible to fit into the sales team for conversion. The message was urgent in tone, but not aggressive.

Another series Facebook ads he was obligated – informed late at night and required the LRS to work solidly during unsocial hours. The team created and launched the campaign … in just three hours.

The next two days for creating and editing the video (example below) and a creative Facebook ad are prepared ahead of schedule.

Overall, LRS activity included:

  • Building a campaign audience
  • Creating and editing videos
  • Creating copies and creative means
  • Building a Facebook campaign
  • Receiving client signatures
  • Activate a live campaign


LRS monitored applications during the campaigns and increased the budget in small steps so as not to negatively affect the algorithm. The result?

  • Two ad campaigns
  • Reach – 172,569
  • Impressions – 851,721
  • Clicks on the link – 5,496
  • Realized potential clients – 266
  • Closed contacts – 184
  • Income – £ 1,542,125.33 for 72 hours

And, more importantly, 184 families had heating and hot water with their newly installed water heaters.

CB has evolved dramatically in the last three years – it has grown from a £ 600,000 company to a £ 5.5 million organization, despite a pandemic. The business attributes much of its commercial success to multiple campaigns managed by the LRS strategy.

It’s not just about instant wins. The CB has just opened a second room in Clacton-on-Sea, and in July 2022 will present the largest and only purpose-built heat pump training academy in the UK.

Dan Andrews, director at CB Heat Pumps, said: “While incredible, this £ 1.5 million success is just one of many commercial successes for which LRS is responsible. Without this team, our business would not be where it is today.

“How quickly and professionally the LRS reacted to everything in its path is a breath of fresh air. I have no doubt that the LRS is an integral part of the growth and development of the CB. ”

CB plans to invest 40 times more in LRS – between £ 500 and £ 20,000 a month – to manage its Facebook, PPC, on-screen remarketing and SEO.

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