How does marketing respond to ever-changing demands?

How does marketing respond to ever-changing demands?

In the post-pandemic era, many businesses are still struggling to find the right path from the corona crisis to getting back on track.

Managers face challenges to adapt to the changing demands of both businesses and consumers. It is up to them to succeed in this “new normal” and find a way to keep their companies competitive.

The “next normal” has caused businesses in all their departments, including marketing, to rapidly evolve to keep pace with market demands. Trends come and go even faster than before the pandemic. Cultural standards, values ​​and consumer behavior patterns are also changing in these trying times, which means marketing should too. However, this growth, which everyone is looking for, cannot happen gradually. Time does not allow it. It should happen immediately.

Uhura Digital has collected examples that will become key for business and marketing in the “Next Normal” to understand and implement and that could contribute to the main challenge of building a sustainable enterprise:

Direct-to-Consumer aka D2C

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) is a marketing and sales approach where businesses and brands build relationships with customers directly, without the involvement of middlemen, retailers or platforms leading to increased margins.

What is D2C marketing and why is it good for your company?

A significant advantage is gaining valuable insight into the customer and their behavior, which builds a stronger and more personal brand-customer relationship. Furthermore, businesses have more control over their brand and have a larger and more detailed customer database, which plays an important role in preparing a digital sales strategy.

Consumers are used to shopping in physical stores, the global pandemic took that away from them. Yes, online shopping is popular, but between the blockades, online commerce has proven valuable by showing an increasing level and has become equally important for the development of brands, especially for those that have so far relied heavily on indirect customer relations or sales.

Research by e-commerce software provider Spryker shows that around 60% of fashion and sports brands have their own online store, but only 29% of brands in the beverage or cosmetics industry. This is somewhat understandable if one considers the challenges faced in establishing a direct-to-consumer strategy, such as, for example, conflicts with current important sales partners, complex IT structures, logistics or the need for new and additional know-how at managing such new changes.

But the benefits often outweigh the risks and – as is often the case in life – investing in a wise ‘Direct-to-Consumer’ strategy is not an ‘Either/Or’. Brands should start paying attention not only to their online store, but also to their online business strategy and customer needs, and by doing so they are sure to succeed.

Uhura develops direct-to-consumer digital solutions and can advise companies in analysis, strategy and service development, technical implementation and marketing of the ‘Direct to Consumer’ approach.

Digital events – a new way of bringing people together

Why is B2B Lead-Generation so important?

B2B lead generation is the process of identifying ideal customers for your product or service and then attracting them to buy. It’s a must-do activity for B2B sales and marketing teams. Events such as trade shows, conferences or in-house events are places where leads and customer contacts are usually generated.

For some, time simply stood still during the corona crisis, for others it was time to prepare strategies in order to remain competitive with the global changes on the table. The Covid pandemic has become a great challenge for managers working in B2B marketing, since before it all events were intended to bring people (in this case businesses) closer together.

With the “new normal” comes the demand for inventing a new way of conducting these events. The real question is how?

The solution: digital or hybrid events

Thanks to the internet and all the technological innovations, events now take place either completely virtually or in a hybrid way, allowing people to participate and the world to return to at least a little too much normality. This, of course, does not mean that everything runs smoothly.

Many of these events do not even take advantage of all the possibilities that are currently available to them, not least in terms of technological advancements and knowledge of tools. Moreover, companies should consider more interactive and attractive ways of presentation for their virtual events to create a truly valuable experience. Moreover, since there is no media disruption during virtual and hybrid events, for example, lead generation is feasible and measurable.

Uhura supports companies to transform their event concepts into digital and hybrid events, content creation, event branding, as well as overall digital planning, organization of events and presentations as well as technical implementation.

New sales funnel

Since Covid has changed everything in our lives, it is natural that it has also changed sales, marketing and the way we do business as a whole. therefore, Managers’ B2B strategies should also change if companies want to continue to be competitive in the market.

The following 2 topics to discuss when a retailer is adapting a brand’s attitude towards its customers:

  • How has Covid-19 changed the attitude of my customers?

Due to the Corona crisis, the whole world has changed, resulting in new customer needs. To remain relevant to their customers, B2B marketers should look at their customers from a new angle. This means generating new customer insights that capture the current situation.

  • How can the customer journey be redefined?

According to research conducted by Accenture, 46% of small and medium-sized enterprises have invested significantly in designing their infrastructure to become more virtual, connected or contactless. What it means?

Well, digital platforms are gaining even more popularity than before, so managers should start following the new rules. Digital tools and increasing the technical knowledge of your B2B sales team will be helpful in achieving this goal.

Managers should only concentrate on valuable leads and see if their previous digital strategy is still relevant.

Uhura Digital works for numerous B2B companies and B2B marketing projects, where they design customer journey maps together with clients to create effective lead generation campaigns and optimal use of paid media budgets. They provide advice as you adjust your B2B marketing.

Social media

If the attitude towards digital platforms changes due to the Covid-19 situation, social networks will also experience certain changes because they are also part of digital platforms. It is observed that the usage increased during the blockades, which is not surprising, but it means that the contents have to be designed in a new, more relevant way for the users.

New social media trends seem to be winning strategies:

  • Paid Media #1 – Smaller platforms sometimes seem to be a better solution for implementing digital strategies
  • Social media as a channel for customer support
  • The importance of video and audio is still growing dramatically
  • Influencer – the little sibling you never had. Increasing trust in content creators.
  • Paid Media #2 – Improve your social media image by supplementing your organic feed with some paid content


In short, as already mentioned, especially after the Corona crisis, user experience is more important than ever. Today, it should not be tailored by the target group as a whole, but individually in order to build a stronger brand-user connection. How can businesses actually do this?

A purpose-driven marketing strategy is the key to building a loyal brand audience. People connect with businesses that speak to them by sharing common views of the world around them. It is crucial for the customer to identify with the brand.

Therefore, managers must adopt the attitude of companies and find the right way to convey their values ​​and authenticity to the public.

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