How High Speed ​​Training Increases Email Open Rate by 50 +%

How High Speed ​​Training Increases Email Open Rate by 50 +%

Founded in 2008, High Speed ​​Training (HST) provides compliance and development training to keep people involved in their chosen careers. By 2018, the organization had supported over 1 million students to obtain their accredited certificates and is now one of the leading internet providers in the UK.

In addition to a catalog of over 170 courses, HST offers free content – covering topics including food hygiene, protection, health and safety and business – through our resource center, The Hub. This was a huge focal point for his digital communications, bringing people to a centralized point and keeping them on track and highly motivated.

Preparing a ‘how-to’ guide, useful templates and download collateral to supplement your learning material, highlighting the importance of The Hub – and delivering marketing messages encouraging students to access the service – has helped attract around 500,000 visitors a month.


With the growth of the education services market, the company continues to expand to meet demand. There are new clients who regularly use the services of HST, however, a strong focus has also been on nurturing existing customer relationships to ensure that people stay up to date with their studies.

With a large student database – and a large product offering – no two people require the same course information, so the company soon recognized the need to meet their different needs in real time. And with email as the preferred mode of communication, people need customized, digital content to maintain engagement and stay interested in their learning.


HST was introduced to Force24 at the Marketing Technology Expo 2019 and – after these initial talks – it was clear that the organization needed to hear more about the marketing automation platform and how it could help nurture existing customers.

An impressive point is the direct approach to the team, especially the executive director of the organization, Adam Oldfield. He demonstrated sophisticated brand marketing automation technology, providing the team with personalized instruction that covers everything they need.

After talking to other providers, Force24 was an outstanding partner as it was not only a smart tool with exceptional functionality, HST also liked how its price structure is firmly linked to the volume of email – which is still our critical, ultimate focus because it is our main source of customer engagement.


Since the inclusion of the Force24 platform, HST has launched many successful campaigns. His ‘welcome trips’ proved to be incredibly popular as they achieved:

  • 60% plus opening rate – for both campaigns
  • Click-through rates of 10-12%.
  • Further engagement of customers with products

In order to complement the continuous growth of the business, it is vital that the team tailors and delivers relevant, dynamic content to its online students.

Several automated trips were delivered to recipients – all of whom achieved clickthrough rates in excess of 10%. Openings and clicks remain higher than the industry average and are also growing month by month.

Some key results that speak for themselves include:

  • Targeting activity in September 2020 achieved an openness rate of 41% and a clickthrough rate of 8%.
  • Gathering customer feedback – through a short survey – to further improve the content of the online course

HST wants to integrate more of its data into the platform and deliver further dynamic content so that the organization can take our personalization capabilities to the next level.

Shauna Mullins, Marketing Campaign Manager, High Speed ​​Training, said: “Through Force24’s commitment to training and life support, the team has provided ongoing assistance in creating smart email snippets and‘ on-brand ’templates. The platform is also so easy to use, so we quickly developed the expertise of our colleagues to reliably deliver customized content that “sticks”.

“Landing pages and microsites have also been created that encourage strong calls to action and offer data collection opportunities so we can continue to talk in person with the most engaged students.

“Force24 facilitates end-to-end marketing automation. We are incredibly pleased with the results we have achieved so far and are now providing content to individuals to want to consume – which is adapted to their current learning needs. There are so many features to explore and use when hiring existing students – the possibilities are endless! ”

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