How to create a high-conversion email: 13 tips and tricks

How to create a high-conversion email: 13 tips and tricks

The epidemic has had a huge impact on the way companies communicate with their clients. More and more companies are investing in digital marketing, which results in a crowd new trends and tendencies. For example, email marketing has never been more popular and has already become part of your daily routine.

While this is certainly great news, businesses face several challenges. They want to know how to outperform their competitors effective email marketing strategy. And that is exactly what we will discuss in this article.

How to create a high-conversion email: 13 tips and tricks
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13 powerful things you can embed in your email

Visual storytelling is a clear trend that will take up an increasing share of content. Plain text is no longer enough – photos and dynamic content are much better perceived. But what else to include in an email not to be ignored?

User generated content

One of the easiest and most effective ways to take your email marketing to a whole new level user-generated content. In addition, it is free and can be used in your letters without any effort. It is a proven way to convert new customers and increase organic traffic.

When you include survey results, images of satisfied customers and positive reviews, you increase the trust and loyalty of the audience and at the same time create great content. Encourage users to post photos and reviews on social media and insert them into their emails.

Artificial intelligence

Many companies still do not implement artificial intelligence (AI) into their routine. But experts know that this is one of the best email marketing strategies at the moment. Even with the latest tools and lots of free time, you won’t be able to collect and analyze data the way AI will. Here’s what you can use it for:

  • Predicting user reaction,
  • survey optimization,
  • Adding keywords
  • Improve sending time,
  • Creating themes,
  • Delete customers who do not respond to letters and more.

Pictures, videos and animations

The next tool is email design. Plain texts are a thing of the past, and if you want to achieve high conversions, make sure you create interesting visual content. The simplest option is images related to your campaign, message or new product.

You can also include videos with educational clips, explanations, reviews, etc. In case you are promoting any software, feel free to download a guide on how to use it using a screen saver for your Mac or Windows PC. Then do something video editing to fix flaws and add labels, titles and other elements to your file. It’s a great idea to use animated backgrounds, GIFs and moving icons to bring emails to life. But be careful because these elements affect the loading time.

How to create a high-conversion email: 13 tips and tricksHow to create a high-conversion email: 13 tips and tricks
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Send simple text emails from time to time

Although modern emails with all the colors, pictures and videos catch the eye of the reader, sometimes they are too much. Marketing experts say that minimalist design and plain texts are in trend, so if you just need to convey the message in a clear way, use this tip.

Simple text with dots is easy on the eye, direct and convincing. And it will surely be like a breath of fresh air among the messages with all the bells and whistles.

Clear subject lines

Knowing how to embed video, images and GIFs of content is half the battle. The text itself should be interesting and engaging and start with a great topic. Remember, your email must be focused and targeted to a specific problem, need, or category of users. And the best way to highlight that is to create a great theme.

We recommend that you write it only when the email is created. So, you already have the key points and you only need to put them in 65-70 characters. The subject should be clear, interesting and direct in the matter.


If you want to increase conversions, always keep email personalization in mind. You all want to feel valued and taken into account, so use this craving for your progress. The simplest way to personalize emails is to put names in the subject line. But if you want something more sophisticated, try the following tools:

  • Send emails depending on location for perfect timing,
  • Highlight goods similar to those requested or ordered by users,
  • recommend related goods and services,
  • Remind me of items left in the basket,
  • Send personalized promotions based on nationality, gender and age.
How to create a high-conversion email: 13 tips and tricksHow to create a high-conversion email: 13 tips and tricks
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Include incentives

If you want your email campaign to be successful, don’t forget to create incentives. Find out what your target audience wants and suggest it. The most effective strategies include time-limited offers, lack of certain products, free services, refunds, trial periods, loyalty promotions, VIP managers and so on.

Dark mode

One of the hottest trends in digital marketing in 2021 is the dark color scheme. You can see this mode in Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and other popular products. Dark mode is also used in hundreds email templates, regardless of theme and design. Here are some of the reasons why users love it:

  • A darker interface creates a more personalized and intimate experience
  • It’s easier on the eyes
  • Improves the readability of content
  • Dark mode reduces the brightness of the screen, which leads to longer battery life

Make the most of your newsletters

Marketing strategy has evolved greatly over the years. Today, email is not only used for business correspondence, but also for telling stories, communicating with audiences and exchanging observations. They merge with newsletters and become the basis of any marketing plan.

Providing audiences with industry news, updates, and tips is a great way to bring value. Add a few reliable sources and a personal story and readers will be delighted!

Here are some tips on how to create attractive newsletters:

  • Provide unique information that cannot be found on your website, blog or social media,
  • Know your focus, or the target audience you are writing for,
  • The content should be simple but memorable,
  • Add a clip to social media to get attention,
  • Use third-party content such as links and quotes,
  • Talk about trendy topics.
How to create a high-conversion email: 13 tips and tricksHow to create a high-conversion email: 13 tips and tricks
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Show gratitude

Showing customers that you are on their side and that you value them is one of the best ways to increase loyalty and trust. Don’t forget to send thank-you emails after your purchase, birthday cards and other thank you messages. In times of pandemics, many companies create unique emails for front-line workers and doctors to show their gratitude. This is a great example of one The inverted pyramid method where personalization makes readers want to click right away.

Choose the right builders and templates

No need to create all emails from scratch. Fortunately, there are many template builders and databases even if you have never worked on them email marketing before. But remember that you should write content before using any template. Trying to push the text into the chosen layout will end in disaster.

With the help of email builder, you can customize the letters in any way possible and display your message in a clear and engaging way. And the best part is that you don’t need any coding skills because most builders only require dragging and dropping elements.

Privacy and security

It’s not enough to use attractive templates to make email campaigns shine. track your KPIsand buy the latest software. You should also reassure users that their data is protected. Tell them how you use the information collected and what encryption technologies are used. Remember to notify customers if any change in data privacy is considered in the future. In addition, make sure it’s easy to unsubscribe from newsletters.

You work on CTAs

We have already discussed above why the subject lines are so important. Now is the right time to discuss another key element – a call to action or a CTA. We recommend that you use it in every single email, whether you’re giving a news feed or introducing readers to a new product.

When working on your calls to action, consider the following:

  • They should be placed in full width and aligned in the middle
  • Let the CTA text and button stand out from the rest of the text
  • The CTA should be large enough to notice
  • Add a secondary call to action for readers who missed the first one
How to create a high-conversion email: 13 tips and tricksHow to create a high-conversion email: 13 tips and tricks
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Final Thoughts

2021 is a year of many challenges and opportunities, and companies must keep up with the times not only to stay afloat but also to beat the competition. If you want to enter the customer’s inbox and increase conversions, use the tips we discussed above. We also recommend use email marketing software to create a newsletter and include surveys in letters. Remember, a good strategy is a strategy that consists of multiple instruments and approaches.

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