How to embed a video in an email

How to embed a video in an email

Today, video content has become an essential part of any marketing strategy. As audiences willingly consume short clips and videos, this is not surprising 92% of sellers are currently using video content to engage viewers and reach their target audience. The rapid growth in popularity of social media has led to an ever-increasing amount of video content online.

Due to the pandemic, live broadcasts have become a new means of communication; Consequently 57% of sellers are now using live videos on Facebook and Instagram in their video marketing strategies.

As videos effectively increase click-through rates (CTRs), marketers try to incorporate them in any way possible. Email marketing is no exception.

How you can use video email marketing in your branding campaign

How to embed a video in an email

Video email marketing means including videos in your newsletters and other emails. You can analyze engagement levels by tracking the likes, shares, views and comments your videos receive. As videos gain more attention, they often rank higher in search engine results than plain text. This means that videos allow you to better promote your products and services, drive traffic to your website, increase social media engagement, and more.

What types of emails can you embed videos in?

How to embed a video in an email

There are many types of emails you can embed videos in, from newsletters to educational emails. Videos can help you announce a new release, show your company’s product guide, talk about discounts, promote events, and more. You don’t have to include videos in every email; the main goal is to increase conversions.

Here are examples of emails where you can embed videos:

  • ‘Meet the Brand’ emails
  • Newsletters
  • Emails that nurture customers
  • Educational emails
  • New product announcements
  • Event announcements

A recent study showed this the more personalized your video, the better. Use data, analytics and surveys to understand what your customers are interested in and why they subscribe or unsubscribe.

5 video tips for email marketing

How to embed a video in an email

Select the videos you want to embed

With so many types of emails to choose from for your video campaign, you need to decide what content to display. This, in turn, will dictate what types of videos you create to increase your CTR and get the most return on investment (ROI) from your marketing strategy. The above types of video embedding emails will help you focus on your choice.

It’s important not to combine all of these videos into one email or multiple newsletters in a row, as this will only confuse viewers. There’s no need to even use videos in every email. Start with one video in one email and analyze recipient traffic and activity. If the CTR is high and the audience is interested, you can safely develop a campaign with these videos or add other types.

Don’t forget to take a screenshot to use as a video thumbnail in your message.

See if you can share your video

Avoid those awkward situations when your email recipients can’t open the video file. When it comes to email newsletters, you can’t just throw in a link, upload a video, or stream it from YouTube. You must upload it as a file. To do this, you need to host your video on your company’s services or through a content distribution network (CDN). Don’t forget to consider hosting and streaming costs from different services!

Also consider how to add large files to your email. For example, Gmail allows you to share files up to 25MB in size, so you have to be careful with HD videos. Sending them without errors may require the use of a special converter to resize the file.

Another good tip is to include a few words about your video. Give the audience a brief overview to introduce the clip and outline the main points. This will save the day if there is a network problem or your client’s device doesn’t download the images automatically. Even if the video doesn’t appear, you can still deliver your message.

Don’t forget your current customers

It’s one thing to talk about how to get new clients, but what about old ones? Once they’ve bought, they need less convincing to trust your brand, so it’s easier to encourage them to buy more from you. Because they’re already invested in your brand, they’re more likely to subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on social media and continue watching your videos. It’s a great opportunity to increase revenue from existing customers.

Sometimes the road to getting customers to buy again can be long and difficult. You can use analytics to understand their interests and re-engage them with more engaging content. It could be a new product launch, a tutorial, or a clip about a type of product your customer is interested in.

Add a personal touch

Every communication becomes more valuable when you make it personal. If you have a limited number of clients, you can create personalized videos and add company names, watermarks or CEO names. With personalization, you can create a strong connection between your brand and those who are ready to invest in it.

But personalization isn’t just community building with an email marketing strategy. Using analytical tools also helps. For example, pay attention to those who don’t watch your videos to the end and find out what made them do so. Some tools allow you to send a reminder to recipients to finish watching a video; analytics allows you to go one step further by enabling you to change your business processes and track progress. As for the recipient, these techniques make them feel special and important to your company. All in all, this means not only a better relationship with your users but also more views and more clicks.

Here is a list of the best programs that allow you to quickly edit your videos. Some of the listed web services are free, while other software requires a paid subscription:

Turn on subtitles for videos

Not so obvious, but an important tip. Make sure your video content is accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people. When thinking about how to add subtitles to your video, consider video editing software. You can easily attach subtitles via YouTube Studio or use a video editor or converter to upload titles directly from the program. Another reason why you need subtitles is that it is not always possible to watch videos with the sound on, for example, in the office or on public transport. Subtitles will help you get your message across even if the sound is off.

Wrap up

With the growth of Instagram and other social networks, people are exposed to a greater reach of brand sales than ever before. In your never-ending quest for subscribers and CTRs, you need to use every tool in the book to get more customers to invest in your brand. Email is one of the most stable marketing tools and one that you can control with analytics and data. And videos increase views, opens and CTR – so marketers try to use them as often as possible.

In-email videos are one of the most effective ways to increase your sales and audience engagement. They can be informative, intriguing and interesting, allowing you to display any content you want. What’s more, they’re easy to embed in your email. But to get the most out of your videos, you need to know your goal and be willing to research what your audience needs. In this article, you have all the basic information you need to start your email marketing journey.

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