How utility-driven NFTs make a statement.  Crypto Thots Case – CryptoMode

How utility-driven NFTs make a statement. Crypto Thots Case – CryptoMode

How utility-driven NFTs make a statement.  Crypto Thots Case – CryptoMode

Statistics and amounts of investments of NFT buyers are on the rise today. According to, in 2021 alone, NFT buyers made a total of $ 5.4 billion in profits. Even so, there is a certain category of people who still question the real value of NFT. After all, traditionally, digital media can be easily replicated, because there are only pixels on the screens.

Why do some people find traditional NFTs invaluable?

There are many reasons why some people still find traditional NFT projects invaluable. First, this category believes that NFTs can be easily replicated. Consider an emoji thumbnail. No matter who designs it, its value drops to zero as soon as it is shared on the web. Anyone could keep a local copy that is no different from the original. The same goes for pictures, videos, illustrations or digital art.

However, NFTs are based on cryptographic technology that does not allow duplication. That’s why people theoretically attribute value to them because they are scarce. Fortunately, if scarcity is not a good enough reason to invest in NFT projects, crypto startups are developing utility-driven NFTs. Projects like Crypto Thots are at the forefront.

What is Crypto Thots?

For NFT to be considered a guided utility, it must help create real market value that is sorely lacking in the NFT space. After a quick search on the internet, we found an interesting, new project called Crypto Thots who does just that through theirs road map.

Crypto Thots, the NFT market that helps you become a PIMP in the NFT space, is forged on June 8, 2022. With its forging, it promises to bridge the gap between NFT and ISPs, help you gather data, build your harem and become NFT PIMP

Not only will the project start soon, but they are giving a statement through their +60,000 Otherside land division, because they intended to help their owners achieve their passive income goals. To do this, until the day of minting, they share daily prizes for 5 random active users in Crypto Thots community.

As part of their 30,000 and growing Discord user community, Crypto Thots NFT owners can customize Bored Ape Yacht Club and enjoy all the airdrops that BAYC makes. Owners get guaranteed access to permanent gifts – such as the 13ETH sweepstakes in Decentraland – and have access to exclusive content created by their OF models.

Interactive community and passive income

To meet the financial needs of its owners, Crypto Thots returns 20% of the proceeds to each owner, plus 10% of the proceeds to charities selected by their owners. In this way, the project introduces the concept of PPI (PASSIVE PIMP) – which provides its owners with free money in an instant.

To build their passive sources of income while strengthening their community, the project allows owners to access networking opportunities for macros. Therefore, in the last phase of their roadmap, they will organize parties in the metaverse for macros to show their 3D photos.

You know, when we say metaverse, we say Decentralland. At this point, owners of Crypto Thots NFT will also get more information about the PIMP coin – and how owners can use it to advance on the PIMP track. They could even get the most out of it at the pimp games of the blocs in Decentraland.

A next-generation utility-driven NFT project

Crypto Thots aims to bridge the gap between NFT and ISPs, help you raise money, build your harem and become an NFT PIMP. eye. By allowing owners to bend both with their thots and with their BAYC assets, Crypto Thots creates the perfect NFT utility-driven project for everyone.

Ideally, NFT projects like this will help change the perspective of those who still find traditional NFTs invaluable and, over time, lead to even more people investing in NFT-led utilities.

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