Infosys is gaining digital experience and a marketing agency, oddly enough

Infosys is gaining digital experience and a marketing agency, oddly enough

Infosys, a next-generation digital services and consulting specialist, has agreed to take over oddity, a German agency for digital marketing, experience and commerce.

This move strengthens Infosys ’creative capabilities, branding and design experience, and demonstrates its continued commitment to collaborative creation with clients and helping them navigate the digital transformation.

With more than 300 digital experts located in Stuttgart, Berlin, Cologne, Belgrade, Shanghai and Taipei, Oddity is one of the largest independent digital agencies in Germany.

Enabling digital transformation for Germany’s leading omni-channel retailers, e-commerce, FMCG’s leading brands and global mobility providers, oddity has a comprehensive portfolio of services consisting of brand management and communication in the first place, in-house production, including virtual and augmented reality, experience in design and e-commerce services across Europe and China.

Together with the earlier acquisition of Infosys WONGDOODY, which offers creative and marketing services, oddity will help global CMOs and businesses thrive in the digital commerce world with complementary skills and expertise. As part of Infosys ’digital experience and design offering, oddity will become part of WONGDOODY, Infosys, and join its network of studios in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Providence, Houston and London, and design centers in five cities in India.

Ravi Kumar S, President of Infosys, said: “We are on the threshold of the next generation of the Internet, connecting the physical and virtual worlds. With this vision, we are excited to strengthen our experience and marketing skills with unusualness, in order to deliver advanced, holistic solutions globally. With Oddity’s knowledge of digital commerce and marketing, as well as his metaverse-ready setup, it’s the perfect complement to Infosys ’ability in technological transformation.

“The future of better human-centered marketing lies in the symbiosis of creativity and technology (data, automation, AI). Here we see an opportunity for unique differentiation along with Infosys and WONGDOODY. We are ambitious to further develop our services together and we are proud to have become part of one of the world’s most respected digital technology companies. ” said oddity founders Frank Boegner, Marc Bürkle, Simon Umbreit and Christian Gölz.

Ben Wiener, CEO, WONGDOODY, Infosys, added: “Getting to know the oddity was like meeting a long-lost twin. We share the same values ​​and vision around the power of creativity to accelerate digital transformation for our clients, while recognizing that our people and culture are the ones driving our success. We are united in our common belief that digital transformation is best when approached consistently from a people- and needs-based perspective. ”

The acquisition is expected to close during the first quarter of fiscal 2023 (April 2022), subject to normal closing conditions.

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