Investments in B2B marketing will continue to grow in 2022

Investments in B2B marketing will continue to grow in 2022

More than three-quarters (79%) of respondents consider B2B marketing very important for business growth, and more than half (64%) want to refresh digital marketing plans this year.

This is according to the second annual B2B marketing research from the creative technology studio Appetite Creative Solutions.

B2B marketing is considered an important new business driver (34%), helps sales and e-commerce (22%) and creates a strong brand identity (20%). With 60% planning to increase spending on digital marketing this year. More than a quarter (27%) want to increase spending to £ 10,000 and a third (31%) to £ 5,000.

Key media channels considered effective in 2022 include digital out-of-home (24%), podcasts (24%), print and commercial press (12%), and TV and radio (10%). This is a slight shift in approach from year to year, as print media (28% in 2021) and podcasts (34% in 2021) have remained popular channels. The increase in outdoor use (7% in 2021) is probably due to the easing of the Covid-19 limit.

As part of plans to refresh their marketing strategy for this year, respondents look specifically at investing in social media (27%), website (15%), branding (12%) and video (12%). This is a similar mix compared to last year, with a significant drop in video from year to year (61% in 2021).

A new question for this year reveals that the majority of respondents (82%) believe that the focus on sustainability is important for B2B digital marketing in 2022, and three quarters (75%) state that the development of a sustainable campaign is very important.

Jenny Stanley, MD at Appetite Creative, said: “The survey shows continued optimism across the advertising industry, with a slight shift in priority media channels due to an increase in the number of people who came out even after the Covid-19 restrictions were relaxed. Digital advertising is growing year by year with brands increasing total B2B investments to drive business growth.

“Our research has shown that retailers are starting to try and invest in new technologies such as AR and the metaverse. Continuous innovation is important in the B2B sector to help achieve business goals and ensure that campaigns benefit from the new opportunities offered by technology. The move towards sustainable advertising also seems to be the dominant focus in the foreseeable future. Looking ahead, I feel once again positive about the opportunities that B2B marketing offers companies this year. ”

Appetite Creative surveyed 103 media and marketing directors based in the UK and Spain working in the marketing, media, hospitality, FMCG, retail and financial industries about their inter-company (b2B) marketing plans in 2022.

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