John Allen is resigning from Brookings over allegations of lobbying in Qatar

John Allen is resigning from Brookings over allegations of lobbying in Qatar

Retired Marine General John Allen has resigned from the Brookings Institution, a prestigious Washington political foundation, after being under scrutiny for his alleged involvement in an illegal lobbying campaign for Qatar.

In a statement released Sunday, the think-tank confirmed Allen’s departure, after put him on administrative leave from his role as president last week.

The decision was made after the court file showed that the FBI was investigating whether Allen helped Qatar to manage the 2017 diplomatic crisis and then disguised his involvement in those efforts as part of a federal investigation into the Gulf country’s relations with the Donald Trump administration.

“The integrity and objectivity of the Brookings Fellowship is a major asset of the institution and Brookings strives to maintain high ethical standards in all its operations,” the institution said in a statement on Sunday. “Our policies on research independence and integrity reflect these values.”

Ted Gayer, who has been appointed acting president, is expected to retain that role until his planned departure this summer.

A court filing released last week alleges that Allen met with senior officials in Qatar, allegedly in a personal capacity, and later reported his findings to senior officials in the Trump administration while concealing that the country was paying him.

Allen, who took the lead in Brookings in November 2017 after leading US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, has not been charged with any crime and has denied injustice.

“We want to thank John for his contribution to the Brookings, including his leadership in successfully running the institution during the pandemic, as well as for his long service and sacrifice for our country,” the think tank said.

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