Johnson accused of humiliating his office after new partygate allegations

Johnson accused of humiliating his office after new partygate allegations

Labor has accused Boris Johnson of humiliating the post of prime minister after the media reported that he played a key role in a Downing Street party held during the coronavirus restrictions to mark the departure of one of his key advisers.

The Sunday Times he cited government insiders who said Johnson spurred a Downing Street event to say goodbye to Lee Cain, the prime minister’s communications chief, in November 2020.

This came after Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon was reported to police after footage surfaced in which she appears to be violating Scottish rules about the corona virus by not wearing a mask.

Johnson became the first British prime minister to commit a crime while in office last week after Metropolitan Police fined him for attending Downing Street birthday surprise in June 2020 during the first closure of England due to Covid-19.

Senior Tories fear Johnson could face it more penalties through partygate because he attended several events during the Covid restrictions, including a “bring your drink” gathering in the garden on Downing Street in May 2020.

Lee Cain resigned as chief communications officer Boris Johnson in November 2020. A party to mark his departure was held in Downing Street during the Covid restrictions © Getty Images

The Sunday Times states that the event that could be the most problematic for the prime minister would be the party on the occasion of Cain’s departure in November 2020.

The newspaper reported that what began as a drink from the press service turned into an event marking Cain’s departure after Johnson arrived and gave a short speech.

Deputy Labor leader Angela Rayner said: “If the latest reports are accurate, it would mean that not only has the prime minister attended the parties, but has had a stake in encouraging at least one of them. . . The prime minister has humiliated his office. “

Downing Street declined to comment. The Sunday Times reports that insider number 10 denied that Johnson organized the event for Cain.

Johnson is preparing to give a statement to the House of Commons this week after Matt gave him a fixed sentence at a birthday party in June 2020.

Opposition parties are debating how they can try to secure a vote in parliament over their claim that he deliberately deceived the Commons about parties being shut down. Johnson’s allies suggest that he did not knowingly deceive the deputies.

Caroline Lucas, a former Green Party leader, said she had written to Commons President Sir Lindsay Hoyle, asking him to “help the process” in which MPs can hold Johnson accountable.

Meanwhile, in the video clip on TwitterSturgeon was seen without a face mask at a barber shop in East Kilbride, who was visiting the leader of the Scottish National Party while leading the campaign for the local elections in May.

According to the rules on the corona virus in Scotland, all individuals aged 12 and over must wear face masks in many public places indoors. The rules should be relaxed on Monday.

Scottish police said on Sunday they were investigating the case. “We can confirm that we have received the complaint that is currently being considered,” a spokesman said.

The SNP said Sturgeon only briefly took off her mask at East Kilbride’s razors before putting it back on.

“The first minister was invited to the barbers during a visit on the street,” said a spokesman for the SNP. “Within seconds, she realized she hadn’t returned the mask and immediately put it on.”

Scottish conservatives accused Sturgeon of “hypocrisy” and apologized.

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