Jurassic World Dominion Review: Laura Dern returns to flee T. rex one last time

Jurassic World Dominion Review: Laura Dern returns to flee T. rex one last time

It is difficult to know exactly when I first felt the distortion of the space-time continuum below me Jurassic World Dominion, but I’m sure it happened under the streets of Malta. The island nation has become a hotbed of dinosaur trafficking – a major problem in this cinematic universe. Thanks to the wrong steps of several over-ambitious scientists, all kinds of ancient reptiles have taken over the planet. But that’s not why Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Clare Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) found themselves in a stingy Mediterranean sewer. The heroes are here to save their daughter: a young human clone.

Written, it all sounds pretty original and even compelling. But on screen, it’s an incredible clash of tropes drawn from summer blockbuster franchises over the past few decades. A walk through the underground dinosaur market can also be a visit the outside world ua Star Wars filmfollowed by a chase full of parkour through sunny streets that looks very similar to a certain chase scene in a James Bond film Quantum of Solace. This is followed by Chris Pratt who somehow rides a motorcycle on a moving plane in stunts that I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Tom Cruise do in one of Mission Impossible extensions. Meanwhile, somehow in the background, the stars Jurassic Park they are busy re-experiencing the plot of the original film.

Speaking of stars, even if you haven’t watched the last few Jurassic movies, Dominion worth a look just to see Laura Dern, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum on the same screen for the first time since the 1994 film. It is the one directed by Steven Spielberg with the legendary soundtrack by John Williams, which is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton. Jurassic Park offered a worldview in which we could use technology to create clones of extinct species for the needs of theme parks. The concept seemed absurd at the time, but with the arrival of the final film in the second Jura trilogy, people clone their petsi returning the woolly mammoth it seems to be at your fingertips.

So why not clone Jurassic Park? That’s not exactly it Jurassic World Dominion plans to do. rather, like The Matrix Resurrections i Scream before that, the film creates a new chapter in the decades-old franchise by combining a new plot with a redesigned version of the original. That means finding a way to put old dinosaur enthusiasts (Dern, Neill and Goldblum) into a story that revolves around modern versions of their old characters (Howard, Pratt, and … well, there’s no substitute for Jeff Goldblum in any world). Fans love things like this, and it’s uniquely appropriate for this universe. After all, Michael Crichton never wrote a sequel to Jurassic Park the film was such a hit that fans sought a sequel, and they got one. That dynamic is not so different from what we see in movies today.

Jurassic Park Dominion brings together actors from the original Jurassic Parkactors from sequels and some new faces.
John Wilson / Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment

Welcome to the age of nostalgic restarts. The summer blockbuster as we once knew it – typically full of action, stars, roller coaster rides on screen – has been replaced by a recycled version of all the action, star, roller coaster rides from years past. In case yes Jurassic World Dominion, it is not only the intellectual property of 30 years ago, but also a small dose of all the earning ideas that have come out on the big screen since then. The only thing that is more likely than nostalgic restarts to get a big budget and big distribution contracts are superhero movies, because studios also already know the patterns and the audience knows what they will get if they spend $ 12 on a ticket. Good luck finding indie drama at your local theater. Jurassic Park Dominion i Top Gun: Maverick they are probably played on all eight screens.

However, restarting can be fun. Jurassic World Dominion is great, especially if you want to remember how amazing the original was. The new film offers parallel lines of action that eventually intersect. One picks up where Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom he stops and focuses on Grady and Dearing, whose adopted daughter Maisie Lockwood (Isabella Sermon) is kidnapped by dinosaur poachers at the beginning of the film. Others follow Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) as she rescues captured dinosaurs, only to discover that a race of giant prehistoric grasshoppers is breeding and eating the world’s food supplies. But, Sattler finds out, locusts don’t eat crops planted with seeds produced by Biosys, so she goes to visit fellow paleontologist Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and persuades him to go to Biosys headquarters, where their old friend Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) works as a philosopher in residence.

Did I mention that dinosaurs ruled the planet? This surprised me too. I remembered that some dinosaurs escaped into the wild in the end Fallen Kingdombut what we see in Dominion is truly astounding. The film begins with a segment of news from Now This about how dinosaurs wreak havoc all over our built environment. Pterosaurs nest at the top of the World Trade Center! (Now This and Vox share a parent company, Vox Media.)

So unlike all the previous ones Jurassic Park movies, there is no island from which the main characters will eventually have to escape. After all, there are dinosaurs all over the world now, there is no point in trying to escape them. The place where the two plot lines intersect, Biosys HQ, is another type of island. There, the company conducts all its experiments on dinosaurs, all of which are contained in this massive complex somewhere in the Dolomites in northern Italy.

Jurassic World Dominion Review: Laura Dern returns to flee T. rex one last time

Alan Grant (Sam Neill) learns to train predators like his Jurassic World colleague Owen Grady (Chris Pratt). And Maisie Lockwood (Isabella Sermon) is a clone, just like predators.
John Wilson / Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment

By the way, if the name Biosys sounds familiar, congratulations: you are a Jurassic Park superfan. Biosys is the company responsible for the incitement incident in the 1994 film, the one in which Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) tried to steal the embryos of 15 dinosaur species so Biosys could breed his own. The main villain in Jurassic Park Dominion is Lewis Dodgson (Campbell Scott), a character who appeared very briefly in the original film (played by Cameron Thor at the time) – was on screen just long enough to give Nedry a can of Barbasol that was modified to store dinosaur embryos. Dodgson’s main scientist, you will find out, is Dr. Henry Wu (BD Wong), the same guy who developed the DNA fusion technique that brought dinosaurs back to life in the 1994 film. Don’t worry, these details will come in handy.

When everyone is in the Biosys complex, things heat up. Inherited actors carry out their mission of saving the world from giant locusts, while Grady and Dearing from Jurassic World the team tries to find their adopted daughter clone. We’ll even meet a few new characters: reformed poacher Kayla Watts (DeWanda Wise) and Biosys manager Ramsay Cole (Mamoudou Athie), who bring a certain diversity to what has historically been almost completely white. The last hour of the film is dedicated to the overthrow of the great evil Dodgson, who is strikingly reminiscent of Tim Cook, and packing references to the classic Jurassic Park. It has it all: Malcolm deterrence of T. rex by torchescape from upside down SUV with T. rex on topmore than one battle between T. rex and dinosaurs which should be larger and more vicious than T. rex. Yet everyone knows it is Jurassic Park: T. rex will win, and she will roar into the sky filled with lightning.

All of this points to a central theme that the Jurassic Park universe has always explored: the tension between man, technology, and nature. And while earlier sequels rely heavily on the message of the human habit of messing with biodiversity, director Colin Trevorrow clearly wants you to think that Dominion is a story about climate change. The prehistoric plague of locusts began with Dr. Wu manipulated the insect’s DNA, triggering a chain reaction that threatens to leave the planet barren, and at one point the locusts literally fall into the fire from above. If Drs. Sattler, Grant and Malcolm do not intervene, the world could also burn down.

But when you’re sitting in an audience, you probably won’t think much about climate change or biodiversity. You will be too busy thinking about how much you love Jurassic Park. But you may not be able to reconcile your love for the original with the struggle to make a new trilogy, which has never been as powerful as the original. Steven Spielberg has the credit of executive producer Dominionbut the most we see in his work are references to other Spielberg films.

Jurassic World Dominion Review: Laura Dern returns to flee T. rex one last time

Ian Malcom (Jeff Goldblum) looks slim as always, and the film’s villain, Lewis Dodgson (Campbell Scott), looks a bit like Apple CEO Tim Cook.
John Wilson / Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment

He could almost split up Jurassic Park DominionThese are two competing stories in their films, but no plot is that interesting. The primary, with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in the lead roles, is performed and inevitably a bit boring as it boils down to a couple of parents trying to find a lost child. Nostalgic, with an original cast from Jurassic Park, works like a cheap but extremely famous trick: take an old fan favorite, mix up some details, hire the same actors and make a new movie that many people will buy tickets to see. It’s the same thing you’ll see Top Gun: Maverickand we saw his version last year in Spider-Man: No way home. The formula works. The Top Gun restart earned over $ 250 million in the first two weekends. The Spider-Man which contains all the old Spider-Man movies earned nearly $ 2 billion at the box office. Industry insiders are already saying Jurassic Park Dominion it will be the next billion dollar hit.

There is nothing wrong with a good nostalgic restart. Reboots and remakes have been around since the movies themselves. Hell, there were at least four versions A Star Is Born made over a century! What’s a little worrying, though, is that if the only movies Hollywood wants to make are the relaunch of reliably successful franchises – and superhero movies, of course – it’s a lot of talent and money that won’t go into making brand new movies for theaters. Like my colleague Peter Kafka recently debatedthe future of films looks rather bleak in a world where studios only want guaranteed success at the box office, and everything else is shifted to streaming services.

Industry trends aside, Jurassic World Dominion is a cinematic confusion that arouses awe. It is full of holes in the shop that are disguised as scientific wonders. I feel like a pastiche of Steven Spielberg’s greatest hits – seriously, there are a few scenes that could be found in the following Indiana Jones sequel – and it’s hilarious. It’s 150 minutes of dinosaurs, both CGI and animatronics, that will delight children. It’s loud.

I’ll probably see him again next weekend. I’ve seen it before Top Gun: Maverickand there is not much to play with.

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