Kulfi Finance First AMA Session Ignites Cardano Community, Becomes The Most Anticipated Project Ahead of Vasil

Kulfi Finance First AMA Session Ignites Cardano Community, Becomes The Most Anticipated Project Ahead of Vasil

Lending and borrowing is one of the most important infrastructures in the crypto ecosystem, the most competitive track in DeFi, and the sector that captures the most value.

The popularity of DeFi has attracted many projects into this protracted competition. However, lending and borrowing projects seem to fall into some kind of homogenization trap. When there is no significant difference regarding technology and performance with every lending protocol offering a variable rate.

On August 31st, Kulfi Finance, a fixed rate lending and borrowing project developed by kulfi team, held the project’s first community AMA event on cardanodaily. This AMA was broadcasted live simultaneously on CardanoDaily Telegram community attracting thousands of cardano community members.

This event also marks the first exposure of Kulfi finance team members to the cardano community. In the AMA, the team mainly introduced Kulfi’s attempts in innovation and how Kulfi finance will differentiate itself in the market competition using its fixed rate financial primitive as as scalable tool.

Kulfi finance is an innovative fixed rate lending protocol designed to solve the uncertainty predicament of DeFi. Speaking on the Kulfi protocol development, Kulfi CTO Louis Ryman said Kulfi finance was developed by a group of blockchain engineers and technologist. With this background, the technical strength of Kulfi is beyond doubt. According to the team members, they have accumulated lots of thoughts about the lending and borrowing algorithms, liquidity risks and economic models in the past long-term development work. The connection of these ideas finally inspired them to develop this new model fixed rate lending protocol—Kulfi finance.

Kulfi Protocol Governance / DAO

KLS token is the Kulfi protocol governance token,Users who stake KLS tokens are eligible to earn fees generated by the protocol and are able to vote for representatives responsible for approving upgrades to the protocol. Kulfi community is made up of an active and vibrant community of KLS stakeholders collectively advancing the Kulfi protocol, Kulfi protocol is designed to give decision making power to the community.

Other utilities include payment of transaction fees within the Kulfi ecosystem & access to kulfi liquidity pool for borrowers. The current maximum supply of KLS is 1bn KLS Tokens. KLS tokens is currently on Pre Seed Sale

Interested participants can join the link: https://kulfifinance.io/buy and purchase KLS tokens at the fixed price of 1 ADA = 200 $KLS tokens.

Holders of KLS holders will be able whitelisted for Kulfi NFT Pre sale and will take part in crucial referendums on Kulfi protocol.

Also on Kulfi users anonymity and security checks for Web3 projects,  Kulfi finance has no need to check KYC. Users are connected with their wallets to interact with our protocol. That way they can’t harm the protocol. Kulfi finance is vastly different from centralized lending protocols. Rather than collect user data, we expose ours. Anyone can audit Kulfi code and balances to ensure that everyone’s funds are secure, by doing so, the users have a 100% control over their assets.

Kulfi finance features are set to differentiate Kulfi lending protocol from other lending platforms. These features includes:

* Permissionless & Trustless lending and borrowing activities
* Payment of transaction fee using ecosystem token (KLS)
* Fixed rate and maturity date for lenders and borrowers

The above content comes from Kulfi finance first official AMA session. For more information, please visit Kulfi’s blog for the full recap of the AMA session.

Kulfi Pre Seed Sale

Interested Investors / Early adopters can join KLS Tokens Pre Seed Round to Acquire KLS tokens at the cheapest price before it gets listed on exchanges here: https://kulfifinance.io/buy

Kulfi Tokens (KLS) statistics:
1 ADA = 200 $KLS Tokens
Pre Seed sales allocation: 70,000,000 tokens
Minimum buy: 350 ADA


Learn more on Kulfi Finance

Join KLS Pre Seed: https://kulfifinance.io/buy
Website: https://kulfifinance.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kulfi_finance
Telegram: https://t.me/kulfifinance
Discord: https://discord.gg/fzsa8ynF97
Medium: https://medium.com/@Kulfi_finance
Gitbook: https://kulfi.gitbook.io/kulfi-finance-3/



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