Latest News: NFT Marthe Stewart draws thousands at auctions for Thanksgiving

Latest News: NFT Marthe Stewart draws thousands at auctions for Thanksgiving

Austrian prosecutors say they are completing an 18-month investigation into the coronavirus epidemic at the Ischgl ski resort, which has become one of the first locations for super-spread in Europe.

In a statement today, the Innsbruck state prosecutor said he was closing the investigation into criminal responsibility for the Ischgl epidemic without charges of misdemeanors.

Ischgl was an early hotspot for Covid-19 in Europe. Despite the growing number of patients at the resort in February and March 2020, its bars and trails remained open, leading to thousands of subsequent infections across Europe as tourists returned from skiing.

“There is no evidence that anyone is guilty of anything that would increase the risk of infection, or refrain from it,” the prosecutor said.

The investigation considered allegations that local officials, including the district governor and the mayor of Ischgl, lobbied for the resort facilities to remain open, even though they were aware of the deteriorating state of public health.

The investigation was completed this year, but it has only now been reviewed by senior prosecutors and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice.

A separate civil lawsuit is being filed in Vienna against the authorities in Ischgl.

Ishgl was scheduled to open its winter ski season on Thursday, and a weekend of celebrations is planned to mark the resort’s recovery.

However, the Austrians have been quarantined again since Monday. Bars, restaurants and restaurants were closed until mid-December in an effort to stem the rise in coronavirus infection.

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