Meeco integrates Zk-proof DID wallet and token tools on Hedera for ESG markets »CryptoNinjas

Meeco integrates Zk-proof DID wallet and token tools on Hedera for ESG markets »CryptoNinjas

Meeco, a provider of data privacy and digital identity solutions, today announced the launch of its Decentralized Identifier (DID) and token visualization tool on Heather, a decentralized proof-of-stake public networkwith the support of the HBAR Foundation.

As an open source interface that will support greater transparency for Heather-based sustainability projects, Meeco provides an easy way for people to manage, visualize, and share reliable information related to tokens and decentralized identifiers.

Appropriately named Trustury, the tool will be used with ‘The Guardian’, an open source system that digitizes methodologies that measure, report and verify the attributes of a given project down to a metric ton.

The Guardian allows Tokens based on Heather maintain a connected attitude towards the roles, actors and data created by environmental projects that follow a methodology supported by scientific technology. This allows for transparent communication with stakeholders, including governments and NGOs, with a full audit of specific assets.

The integration of Meeco’s Zk-proof wallet and visualization tools follows the launch of the HBAR Foundation’s $ 100 million Sustainable Impact Fund, which supports sustainability projects in the Heather ecosystem.

“The new wallet capabilities and visualization tools that Meeco delivers on Heather’s Guardian infrastructure are essential to enable the development of new types of financial markets that use digital assets that attach real value to sustainability results. Whether it’s tokenizing high-fidelity carbon credits and monitoring emissions, evidence of water rights, or even encapsulating data on biodiversity and habitat restoration, these new markets will drive sustainability economies in Australia and around the world. ”
– Rob Allen, SVP for Ecosystem Acceleration at the HBAR Foundation

By introducing a CPC-based wallet, Guardian-based projects can now provide verifications of their data and credentials with cryptographic validity and ensure compliance with existing data laws. Furthermore, Meeco will provide a one-stop dashboard to support ESG auditors in their fiduciary roles.

“As the ESG market matures, it is vital that we have simple and transparent mechanisms for people, businesses and regulators to share value and verify the origin and authenticity of tokenised assets. This ability to share and verify is vital to building trust in fast-growing carbon markets and beyond into irreplaceable tokens. ”
– Katryna Dow, CEO and founder of Meeco

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