MetaWear covers you.  What will you wear in Metaverse?  – CryptoMode

MetaWear covers you. What will you wear in Metaverse? – CryptoMode

MetaWear covers you.  What will you wear in Metaverse?  – CryptoMode

Now that the metaverse is becoming a real and tangible concept before our eyes, attention is beginning to shift from whether it is possible (it is clear that it is) to what details will exist in it. People are now buying virtual property and meeting others within the metaverse, and as it happens, more details are coming into place.

One of them is the issue of fashion and clothing. While people will communicate within the metaverse as avatars, even they need to be trained. In digital universes like The Sims, there are several “skin” or clothing options to choose from, and the metaverse should be no different.

Fortunately, this fashion gap within the metaverse will soon be professionally closed MetaWeara project that seeks to seamlessly translate existing design and the textile industry into a metaverse.

What to wear?

At the heart of MetaWear’s vision is to bring up to $ 3 trillion of the existing fashion industry into the metaverse. Unlike the generic digital fashion ideas we are already used to, MetaWear wants to bring much of the stylish, creative and diverse fashion we already use into the new digital future.

As others. A. Bahadır Yener, founder of Metaverse Wear (MetaWear), says: “The new reality is what you can imagine in the metaverse.”

In terms of performance, MetaWear intends not only to manufacture clothing as wearable NFTs, but also to sell it in a way that makes them interoperable across multiple metaverses. That’s why MetaWear created; First Cross Platform Digital Fashion Shopping Mall. Much will be done using the image of well-known brands in the real world and it will be sold through digital shopping malls. In essence, MetaWear will recreate the process of buying and wearing clothes everywhere within the metaverse.

The Metaverse Fashion Revolution

This concept is not only innovative, but also to which the public has responded positively. Although newer in the industry, his slogan “what to wear in the metaverse” is covered by the New York Times, Forbes, CQ and many others. Digital fashion has recently become a major mainstream topic.

MetaWear covers you.  What will you wear in Metaverse?  – CryptoMode

In financial terms, it has received support from venture capital companies such as GTS Ventures and Insiders Ventures and has a fund of investors in countries such as the United Kingdom, Japan, CIS countries (such as Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine) and India.

The brain behind the operation is a Turkish academic named Dr. A. Bahadir Yener who has many years of experience as a business development engineer and is supported by two textile operations managers with decades of industry experience.

In addition to clothing manufacturing, MetaWear also has the ambition to create the first and largest Multi-Platform Metaverse Fashion Shopping Mall. This mall will not only sell MetaWear creations, but will rent virtual space to other companies looking to rent or buy space. At the heart of this operation will be MetaWear’s $ WEAR token.

The token will be used as part of the MetaWear return guarantee. The project has certainly started, with an appeal for investments from over 115 countries. However, MetaWear has made it clear that this project will not be dominated by whales. Instead, an investment limit has been set that will apply even to industrial giants.

MetaWear has encouraged influencers with small or medium capital or professionals from the crypto or fashion sector to get involved and take advantage of the allocation of private investors that will allow them to get involved in the project at affordable prices.

The project has multiple departments (In-Game Fashion, Multi-Platform Wearables Collections, Accessories, Shopping Malls, Design Academy, Design Shows and Events) and has a fan base that currently numbers thousands on multiple social media platforms. As it moves fully, fashion brands are expected to get involved and give even more variety to MetaWear’s offering.

According to Dr. Yener, “I can’t wait to sign Armani, Gucci and Prada and wear my Prada suit from MetaWear to my Metaverse meetings.”

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