Miraqle(MQL) listed on Gate.io | NewsBTC

Miraqle(MQL) listed on Gate.io | NewsBTC

Miraqle Coin (MQL) was listed under USDT pair on the Gate.io exchange, which is ranked seventh in Coin Market Cap, on March 04, 2022.

Gate.io is one of the top 10 exchanges with stable trading environment, and is used by more than 8 million investors in 130 countries.

Miraqle (MQL) project is a blockchain fan-centered Tech-tainment (Technology+Entertainment) music production platform that allows all music fans around the world to actively take part in planning, production, distribution, and consumption stages of the music industry.

Previously, It’s unknown and intangible to everyday consumers, but Miraqle has made music production easy for users to follow. By participating in the Miraqle ecosystem, users can take the reward with MQL tokens, unique celebrity NFTs, album releases, and VIP concert access.

Miraqle Coin (MQL) is traded on the Gopax, Bitforex, DigiFinex, XT.com, Probit, Hotbit, Bittrex, and now available on Gate.io.

A Miraqle official said, “With the listing on Gate.io, we will continue to expand to global market and list on additional global exchanges for all fandom around the world.”


Company Name: MIRAQLE
Company Website: https://miraqle.io/
Company Email: [email protected]
City and Country: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Twitter : https://twitter.com/MIRAQLE_MQL
Telegram : https://t.me/MiraQle_Official


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