Moonbirds NFT sales jumped to $ 364 million in 5 days – Bitcoin news

Moonbirds NFT sales jumped to $ 364 million in 5 days – Bitcoin news

The irreplaceable token collection (NFT) called Moonbirds was a topical conversation within the NFT community because sales of the compilation were huge. The Moonbirds NFT project started selling five days ago, on April 16, and since then, statistics show that the collection achieved sales of 364.83 million dollars.

The Moonbirds NFT collection takes first place this week

This week a new NFT collection called Moonbirds has surpassed sales such as Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) and Cryptopunks. Traders only started trading 10,000 Moonbirds NFT five days ago and it has recorded $ 364.83 million in sales since then.

Moonbirds is currently the best NFT collection this week in terms of total sales over a dozen unique collections. In fact, Moonbirds sales accounted for approximately 37.85% of the $ 963.8 million in total NFT sales recorded last week.

Moonbirds NFT sales jumped to $ 364 million in 5 days – Bitcoin news

Moonbirds are popular because the collection is supported Proof Collective, a group of famous NFT collectors. Among the members are investor Gary Vaynerchuk and popular NFT artist known as Beeple.

The Proof Collective website states that it is “a collective for private members only of 1,000 dedicated NFT collectors and artists.” To join the Proof Collective, the membership fee has a minimum price of approx 108 ethereum (ETH). Proof Collective made Justin Mezell, Kevin Rosei Ryan Carson.

After the Moonbirds Public Mint was completed, the NFT collection experienced a significant number of sales as it had the highest sales volume at Opensea last week. Of the 14,723 transactions, Moonbirds has seen 11,170 customers in the last five days. Moonbirds aren’t cheap as three have entered the top five most expensive NFT sales this week.

Statistics from indicate that it is Moonbird # 2819 sold for 182.44 ethers or $ 562 thousand approximately 18 hours ago. Moonbird # 1210 sold at the same price as Moonbird # 8249 sold for 175 ethers or 547 thousand dollars about six hours before this article was written. metrics the Moonbirds show has approximately 6,512 owners at the time of writing. The lower value of the pixelated bird collection has also increased by 61.1% over the last 24 hours, jumping to 33 ethers.

Over the past day, Moonbirds NFTs recorded $ 15,711.94 or $ 48.1 million in 24-hour trading volume. The 10,000 individual Moonbirds together have a market capitalization of about 330,000 ethers or just over a billion dollars worth of USD.

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Moonbirds NFT sales jumped to $ 364 million in 5 days – Bitcoin news

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