Mosque NFT project forging 12,000 mosques at Ethereum, to support over 10 charities – CryptoMode

Mosque NFT project forging 12,000 mosques at Ethereum, to support over 10 charities – CryptoMode

Mosque NFT project forging 12,000 mosques at Ethereum, to support over 10 charities – CryptoMode

Charities around the world are increasingly accepting crypto donations and even experimenting with equally exciting opportunities in NFTs to advance their new goals. Cryptocurrencies and NFT are a global phenomenon driven by public chains such as Ethereum and the BNB chain, facilitating the free flow of funds and enabling real ownership of digital assets originating in the chain.

Mosque NFT project at Ethereum

The Mosque NFT project is a unique charity project on Ethereum, the world’s most active blockchain network and home of NFTs. The project plans to forge a collection of 12,000 unique hand-drawn NFTs of the world’s largest mosques.

Mosque NFT project forging 12,000 mosques at Ethereum, to support over 10 charities – CryptoMode

Each NFT mosque will be unique and valued differently depending on how much each place is respected in the real world. Namely, there will be 65 types of mosques divided by territories. The fewer mosques there are in a given region, the more valuable they are on the open market.

The Kaaba Mosque NFT is the most valuable piece in the collection. The project states that the happy user who mints NFT will receive a special gift at the end of the coin. Also, the user (s) who minted the most NFT in each of the twelve rounds will be rewarded with a branded watch from the NFT Mosque’s exclusive partner, “Jacob & Co”. And when the collection is minted, raffles will begin in which the holders of certain NFTs will receive valuable prizes from the team.

The rise of NFT

Since the activation of the first NFT projects like CryptoKitties on Ethereum, blockchain-based technologies have continued to find impressive applications.

In addition to guaranteeing owners real ownership with solid evidence of a transparent blockchain, NFTs – more like cryptocurrencies – are used to spread awareness and convey messages around the world on specific topics.

Due to their digital existence and nature without borders, charities are gradually opting for blockchain-based innovations as the medium of choice for receiving donations, enabling users to support goals that are close to their heart.

Donated $ 12.3 million to NFT 2021

According to the annual report According to The Giving Block, total annual crypto donations in 2021 increased more than 15 times compared to 2020. On average, it was observed that the average crypto donation was $ 10,455 as opposed to a cash donation of $ 128.

Researchers further suggested that NFT would represent a significant development in the field of donations, projecting based on the number of participants contributing using rare and valuable NFTs and supporting some of the most popular NFT projects in the world such as Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

According to the report, individuals and projects in 2021 alone donated just over $ 12 million to NFT.

Mosque NFT project to support over 10 charities

In the same vein, The Mosque NFT project plans to use the proceeds from the sale of 12,000 NFTs to launch its charity program and build mosques.

At the same time, their goal will be to highlight the injustices that people face because of their religion and how such stereotypes can be broken. Furthermore, their use of NFT and Ethereum is sufficient proof that new technologies are widely accepted in Islam, with over 1.8 billion followers worldwide.

The first NFT will be minted from April 1, 2022 with a minimum price of 1 ETH. The lowest price was at this price in light of the project’s goal of specifically raising funds to advance its charitable goals and build mosques.

Approximately 50 percent of sales revenue will be used to help people and donate to more than ten charities, including Mila 4 Africa, One Nation UK, Save the Children, Give Directly, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation, and more. In addition, part of the funds raised will be used to create the first NFT mosque in the metaverse, to be decided by the community.

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